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Torn ACL & post bucket handle tear sx

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This forum looks dead, so I'll add something.


I torn my ACL, probably 20 years ago playing rugby.  If it wasn't a complete tear, I suspect I finished it off roughly 10 years ago playing squash.  Then about 3 years ago, my right knee became unbelievably painful after kneeling on a bed.  At the time, I was doing SL5x5 and squatting 255lbs with no regular knee pain.  This led to a trip to the doc and an MRI finally diagnosed the full ACL tear and bucket handle meniscus tear.  I had surgery to remove the meniscus tear and opted NOT to do ACL tear.  My doc said that my knee was doing really well and ACL surgery would lead to a year of recovery.  So far I'm opting NOT to do anything about the ACL


I also have some lower back issues, nothing major.  I think better braising on squats and DL will prevent further injury hear.


I'll update this IF something bad happens.

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