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weight loss plan for 29%BF person

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Hello guys,

I am 29 years old male , 225 LBS , 29 %BF

My goal is to be about 15 % BF .

My questions are :

1- when i create i diet plan i follow the regular way which is reducing 500 calories from maintenance calories ( BMR x activity factor) ?? 

This will give me about 2500 calories for cutting


it is better to focus on eating 1g/1lbs protein and thrown in some fruits and veggies only as i have high BF percentage ??

Thanks in advance

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The biggest thing that affects how much fat you lose is your diet.  Period.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something.

Biggest thing I would focus on is losing a small amount each week (roughly 1 lb / week), and keep going until your weight loss stalls.  Then I'd maintain for a while (a few months) before going for round two.

Having 1g/1lbs protein with some fruites and veggies is a good foundation for a diet.  I might recommend some oatmeal or some other form of carbs that is pretty low density (i.e. a lot of food for a little bit of calories).  It does wonders while you get active to keep you going.

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