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Tools for Tracking Macros Etc

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Hi all,

I got to lose major poundage and I find that in order to accomplish this, I have to track everything meticulously. What tools do you use, if any, to track nutrition type stuff.

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There's quite a few out there.  The top two are MyFitnessPal.com and LiveStrong.com.  I've used both, and they are quite useful.

Another good mention that goes the opposite route is EatThisMuch.com.  You tell that app what your target calories and macros are, and it generates a menu for the week.  It can handle complicated diets for eating differently on training days vs. rest days, etc.  There's options to set a relative target budget (actual costs vary by region) and cater to meal prep times you have available.  They've gotten better about increasing re-use of ingredients so you don't constantly waste perishables.

I haven't actually followed the plans at eathismuch, but I've run the planner to get an idea for how it works.  I may eventually adopt it.

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