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Bar height with 30 mm plates

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Hi all,

In my homegym I have a power cage with a 180 cm barbell and a crap load of weights. They are all 30 mm, that's grown that way historically and I don't fancy spending hundreds of euros just to change everything to 50 mm plates. A side from that, in the spare room I use to lift I have no space for a 220 cm bar, so 180 it is and usually they are 30 mm.

Now for deadlifts I use wooden blocks to add some cm to the bar height, but I'm wondering if there are maybe large diameter plates with a 30 mm hole, or maybe 50 to 30 mm adjusters that you can put in the hole of a 50 mm plate so you can use that plate with 30 mm bars. I know what I want but I don't know how to search for it on Google. Can't find the right words I think.

Does anybody knows some kind of adjuster, and where I can buy one?

Cheers, Bas

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I found these already. I'm more looking for an adapter that converts the plate itself to 30mm by placing a ring or so in the plate hole, instead of converting the bar to a 50mm. That way I only would have to buy 1 set of large bumper plates for my deadlift and keep using my existing 6 20kg plates. 

Maybe if nothong exists, I can modify these bar converters from Amazon by cutting rings from them. 

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was just about to say, hacksaw

that might be the only way

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