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Si Joint Pain

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Hello everyone

From a month ago while deadlifting i lowered the weight with a round back ( so silly did not want to make a big noise in the gym )
Then i had a pain it seemed t be a strain so i rested for 3 weeks and returned again

I squatted with no problems but in leg press i felt something uncomfortable below the pelvis ( i searched it seemed to be gluteus minimus)

I deadlifted yesterday i decided to start light 130kgI felt with tension in the glutes then completed 2 sets of five x 120 kg


I returned my home with a pain in low back near SI joint , i iced the area once and took ibuprofen 600


Today the pain is less and ofcourse i must have a rest


My questions are

1- How long i have to rest ?? 

2- How do i return to squat and deadlifts ?

3- Can i foam roll the this area and do stretches or i have to wait ? 


4- what exercise can i do ( back extensions . leg curls .... ) ??




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I have experience with this, I've had 2 pretty bad sacroiliac joint injuries.

1. Rest may do the trick if it's just a mild injury, if there is any displacement of the joint you may need help from a physiotherapist. Rest is really a factor dependent on many variables and injuries do not have set time frames in which they heal.

2. I found when I could return to squats and deads I had to really (and I mean REALLY) focus on proper abdominal bracing. You may find even when the area has healed that you might still have mild pain at times.

3. I had been given recommended stretches, mostly none of them I did because they only made things more painful for me. Do some searching around google to see if you can find anything that might help you in the stretching department. I did find glute activation exercises brought me the most relief when it was really bad but did not solve the problem.

4. Anything that isn't painful really, so whatever upper body lifts don't bother it, leg curls could work so long as you don't end up in hyperextension in your back. Bulgarian split squats could help, if you can do lunges painfree they could be helpful. Basically train around the injury.

This site http://breakingmuscle.com/mobility-recovery/why-your-si-joint-is-such-a-pain-and-4-exercises-to-fix-it-0 has some fairly decent information, I would take the advice of seeking professional help if you can.

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Thanks for ur feedback

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