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Need A Help For Easy Recovery Program

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Hello every one

I need your advice for which program I follow

iam 29 years old  , I lifted about 6 months but not in row

I first tried ICF Jason Blaha3x5 then Powerlifting to Win novice program  then I followed 3 weeks candito linear program

Also I will making  a slow cut , my target weight is 90kg and iam now 102kg

Now I need to follow a program that is easy to recover from ,

Squatting 3 times per week is hard for me , i had hip flexor strain from this

also I prefer to make my deadlift in seperate workout or in a light session as I am struggling with it

My numbers are 110kg x 6 reps for squat , 90 kg x 6 reps bench , 170 kg deadlift

I want to complete linear progression but also I want a program with easy recovery

After planning I am thinking to run one of these programs , 

1-  Wendler 5/3/1 for beginner , http://www.jimwendler.com/2011/09/531-for-a-beginner/

But adding weights every month is not motivating for me as I can still add 5 lbs for each lift every week

Iam still novice and linear progression still works with me

Can I add weight 5 lbs for upper part and 10lbs for lower part every two weeks instead of every one month and follow the program as it is ?

2- Taxes method

I plan to follow it in 4 day split , also if anyone have ideas for splitting TM to 4 days I will be thankfull

At last if any one have other program I can follow instead of above 2 programs it will be fine 




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I'm no programming expert, but I think you have some conflicting goals at the moment.  Linear progression will become very difficult to recover from as you near the end of your newbie gains.  Adding a caloric deficit on top of that will make things worse.


In what way are you struggling with your deadlift?


I wouldn't recommend Texas Method as a easy recovery program.  5/3/1 would be the better option of the two you listed.

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If you want simple with lots of recovery this is my go to

A, Monday Bench, Pullups (weighted if you can), Squat 2x5, 1x5-8 (if you get 8, add weight)

B Thursday Press, BBR, DL 2x5 1x5-8 (if you hit 8, add weight)

Add a 'finisher' to these days, sled drags, DB swings / snatches, etc


Tuesday and Friday conditioning of your choice (circuits maybe)


Wednesday and Saturday mobility work


Or the 531 for beginner

Texas Method isn't for antone looking for lots of recovery

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@ John i am struggling with adding weights  to my deadlift ( i deadlift after i squat) and make progression

but on other lifts ( Squat and bench) i can progress easily

@ Art thanks for your program , it seems very good for recovery

IF i ran 531 can i speed the progression a bit ? i am advanced novice not intermediate

Can i progress on 531 every 2 weeks instead of 4 weeks ? 

have anyone done that ?


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What equipment do you have available?  Doing something like Art is doing is going to be best for you.    Also, you are running into what most guys do looking at your strength levels.  You dont have a lot of muscle mass so you try to cut because you are unhappy with your appearance but the problem is that cutting is stopping you from gaining any appreciable muscle mass.  So they end up loosing body fat and look like a marathon runner.  Then they try to "bulk" which ends up back to the skinny fat condition.  Then they cut down and here we go again.  You basically stay in the same place.  


Heres my advice.  Dont stuff yourself but eat good healthy meals when you are hungry.  Then train for a long time and get your strength levels up to an acceptable level.  You should be squatting 180K for reps, benching 140K for reps, and pulling at least 200K for reps.  Those are bare minimums for any man that regular trains and has any idea what they are doing.  Get to those levels and then see if you need to cut.  At that point, you will have something to cut down too.

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The program Mike has me on definitely works to put muscle on, and recovery is good

it's a split routine, LP, with some assistance work

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Thanks mike 

Thanks Art

i will work on this

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