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Best Online Website For Buying Powerlifting Gear

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Hi Everyone

1- I need a help .

i need to buy a belt and knee sleeve and i can not find them in Egypt

So i have to buy online and ship them .

What is the best website that have good service and good prices also ?

Of course shipping and custom expenses will be high . 

2- For belt after searching i will buy a  a single prong, 4″ wide, 13mm thick, leather belt. As it was a recommendation from

powerliftingtowin    http://www.powerliftingtowin.com/powerlifting-belts/

Any suggestion for brands

3- For knee sleeves i need ur suggestions pleeeeeease


Of course i need to buy both knee sleeve and belt from one website

I need all your recommendations as buying online to Egypt will be expensive 

Thanks in advance


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I have a couple Best Belts: http://www.bestbelts.net/ (different because my waist changed enough to warrant a new belt)


I love the Best Belts better than my Inzer lever belt.  The Best Belts come already broken in, and they provide the support you need.


As to knee sleeves, I'll defer to others.  I've got some Rehband knee sleeves which are good for keeping the knees warm, but don't expect to get any help with your squat out of them.  They are legal in just about every federation, but you'll have to do some research as to what your local federation has for equipment restrictions.  If you are allowed to use Knee Wraps, you'll get a lot more assistance from them.  Unfortunately a lot of federations restrict you to neoprene knee sleeves only.

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Great company. Get the SBD sleeves. They are the best and legal in all federations. Pick up a KLA single prong 13 mm belt.

If you want inzer gear then call the company and order. Do not order online. They can take forever.

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thanks all for help

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