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This is just a note to let everyone know the purpose of this forum.  It's meant to be a resource for women, by women.  This community has been really great about encouraging and supporting the female lifters we have, and I don't want to discourage those interactions in any way.  However, we can be a little over-enthusiastic sometimes when we have new female members.  We so want them to succeed and be a part of the IronStrong community that sometimes we scare prospective new members away.


This forum area is meant to be a safe haven.  Do know that anyone who is a member can read and post to this forum, but if a moderator tells you to calm down, please be kind enough to do so.


We don't normally have this problem, but there was a history of one guy who used to be on the forum, so in his memory I'm posting these guidelines:

  • Stay away from "fitsperations" memes and nudity
  • There's going to be topics that we men just don't get.  That's OK, just don't press the issue.


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