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One Lift A Day(Sq, Bn, Dl) Vs Full Body Training Tiered System

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What are the pros and cons for both? 


I haven't really lifted a lot using the first one but the second one I have been on for about 15 weeks already. I just wanna know your ideas.


For me the best thing about Tier System is that you can focus better on specific types of strength qualities of lifts.


For ex, for the Squat, you have Maximal: Squat, Explosive: Pin Squats, Repetitive: Unilateral lifts/FS. If you split them up between days and not do them all at once, you can actually focus on it.


What are your thoughts?

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As far as effectiveness, it really depends on you as a lifter.  I.e. your strength maturity, personal lifting style preferences, etc.  People forget just how much personal enjoyment lends to your ability to progress.  If you enjoy something, you are going to put more effort into it, and derive as much pleasure as you can out of it.  If you hate it, no matter how "optimally" the program is designed for you, you just aren't going to put the same effort into it, and will get better results from a sub-optimal program that you enjoy.
That said, I've worked both ways and enjoy aspects of each.  I think that in general, the "younger" a lifter you are (time under the bar, not chronological age), full body templates work a bit better.  Take for example the full body template that Greg had me on for a while (just splits, not sets/reps):

  • Competition squat
  • Close grip bench
  • Double-pause deadlifts


  • Competition Bench
  • Split squat
  • Opposite stance deadlifts


  • Competition Deadlifts
  • Incline bench
  • Front squat

The exercises may not be exact, but the general idea is the same.  3 variations of each lift, first lift of the day is the competition style lift, with variations of the other two in the same day.  This is basically how I built up work capacity and peaked for competition back in April 2014, and I set some PRs as well.
I've also had good experience with 5/3/1 style lifting where you focus on one lift, and all your accessory work is built around the main lift.  That built up some good foundation and some decent habits, but it works better if you know the trade-offs for your assistance work.  You can sub in thing that are not on the menu, as long as it's an effective lift to help your personal weak areas.
I find the main lift a day a natural way to work, but it is difficult to build up the volume of work to drive adaptation if your assistance work is pansy work.  If I can come up with a combination for getting back into strongman training after my surgery, I'll probably do a full body template.

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Berin! Thank you. The best part is 'the effect of enjoying what you do'. 


That being said, I think I will stick with the full body template since I really enjoy this type of training as opposed to the main lift a day.


P.S. I regularly communicate with Greg too. I asked him the same question, and if I remember right he said "I don't know. Honestly."

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They both certainly work.  If you enjoy the full body template and you're still getting results with it, I'd keep marching on with it.


I'm certainly guilty of putting too much thought into what I'm doing, and I think it's a common ailment among people who really just need more time under the bar.  Over time you need to increase the overall volume of work.  You have to use whatever means are at your disposal to keep doing that and still recover so that you can improve your strength little by little.

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They both work.

What you get out of either depends on a few variables such as programming and/or lifting technique.

Most of my lifting has been one lift a day.

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