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Weighted Vests?

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What would you recommend? Any experience with vests? Worth the cash for the high-end ones, or are the cheapies good enough? I don't intend to do anything crazy, just walks around town -- no hills for sprints :( . Maybe once I'm strong enough I could do push-ups and pull-ups with it, I suppose.

Been looking around an am thinking getting the ZFL Plus Long Weighted Vest (w/o weights) for $70, then saving about $100 by buying ~150-lb of additional BOX weights. My concern is that, despite the fact that weight is weight, they may not fit right and I wouldn't be able to fit them all as the ones for ZFO are 3-lb each rather than these ones' being 2.5-lb. Another thing I'm considering is asking a steelworker friend of mine to cut up a bunch of bars from the cheapest scrap iron he can get his hands on -- I'd wrap them in duct tape so they wouldn't rip the vest up! But I'm not sure how well that'd work out, and he's not gotten back to me yet.

The reason I'm trying to be ghetto about this is I don't want to pay $400 for a 150-lb vest, which from the 2-3 other products I've looked at (e.g., MiR and Weightvest.com) that's the going price for those.

For ultimate ghetto I could just get a pair of backpacks (one over my chest) and fill them with sandbags, but that sounds like it'd kill my traps and shoulders. But if it's good enough for the Marines...

Why must it be ~150 lbs? Because I used to carry about that much more flab on my frame than I do now (which is probably around 50-70) and be able to walk around town without much exhaustion, so I think I could handle at least a walk around the block wearing one of those, but don't worry I'd slowly work back up. :)

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