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Going To By Wl Barbell For Oly - Need Input

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Ok, I have about $600 to spend on a bar or bar+bumpers


I need some help determining what I should buy. I know now, how different it feels to do the OLY lifts with a real WL bar made for OLY.

The bar I have been using is 1. diameter to big around 31-32mm and 2. doesn't spin well or give enough during the lift


Here's what I found:

1. Pendlay deal

2. Rogue

3. I don't know what I want really


Any suggestions? 

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First, the Pendlay deal is for the Pendlay HD bar, which is a bushing bar rather than a bearing bar.  Basically, to compare apples to apples you would be looking at:

  • Needle Bearing Bar: Rogue to Pendlay NOTE: there are many other Rogue options including the Burgener Bearing Bar, Black Jack Bearing Bar
  • Bushing Bar: Rogue to Pendlay

As a training bar, the bushing bar might be a great way to get started, however I will defer to actual Weightlifters on this recommendation.  The needle bearing bars are going to be the preferred tool of the trade though.


NOTE: Rogue also sells the Pendlay bars and are currently running a deal on the Pendlay bearing bar.  I don't know how long it will last, but $449 for a bearing bar is an outstanding deal.  (info from 6/16/2014).  I would jump on that in a heartbeat.


You can use the extra money to start your bumper collection.  I've built mine up a pair at a time.  Rogue's competition bumpers are just as good as the Pendlay Elite bumpers, and a little less expensive even when you count shipping.  I have a mixture of both.

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I want you to review whatever you decide on.

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