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Cheaper Alternative To Wl Shoes...or For Those With Atrocious Ankle Mobility

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Essentially it's a heel-lift insert designed to add about .5 inches of effective heel height (so depending on the shoe you use, you could end up with around .75inches which is the standard for weightlifting)


At $40 it's a bit pricey for such a simple thing, but far cheaper than weightliting shoes



I personally have added about .25inches of heel height to my already raised heel weightlifting shoe.  This product intrigues me, but it adds double what i've already put in my shoe which makes me think it might be a little overkill....or I'd have a sick bottom position.  It definitely looks more solid than what i've added which is this



About half (maybe a layer more) of those essentially taped to to bottom of my shoes insert (so the bastard doesn't slide around) have helped a pretty good amount

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