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What Can You Do While Traveling? (Sl And Ss)

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Hey guys,

I'm sure this has been asked before but I wasn't able to find it in the search...



So I'm going to Europe for christmas for a couple of months, I can't wait!

Problem is that I'm probably not going to be anywhere near a gym for most of that time... Meaning I might not be able to continue with my training during that time.

I was just wondering if you guys had any good suggestions of what I can do to minimise the loss of my already gained strength?


I'm thinking of doing all the basic movements daily, push/pull ups, body weight squats or made harder with my backpack on my back, burpees, core exercises etc...


What is your opinion? What exercises will be useful? 


Thank you!

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To make things challenging i suggest you do something like

One arm pushup progression / Planche progression (Planche not plank), front lever progression, one arm pullup progression ( lots of things you can do) Handstand pushups progression, L-sit progression, one legged squats progression, grab hold of something and do goblet squats, there are so many things you can do, you are never gymless. Progress it as you would with strength, dont go overboard with reps, do something you can do for little reps, and for the holds, find your max hold, cut that in half and then do that for several sets... if you are going away for several months, this will probably increase your strength if anything

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Are you going with anyone? You can do partner exercises ( I have used my wife when travelling).

Firemans carry squats

Crouch down low & grab partner around waste and hoist up

Hip Thrusts with partner straddling you

- I have done all these and they worked great


You can do push-ups unweighted and also with your partner/friend etc on your back.


Broad Jumps can be done outside ( I have used these as well to replace DE Lower when travelling in the past).


No equipment needed - you are never gymless as Bronos said. If you don't have someone to use then normal push-ups and broad jumps can still be done of course.


If there are is a local park there might be something you can do pull-ups on, a tree can work if theres is a strong branch.


You could fill your back-pack (books can be heavy - join a library to do this for free) as you say and even do some form of bent-over and upright rows with it.

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