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Please Critique My Diet Plan

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Ok, here is my plan to get ripped wit ze abz.

Current weight, 91.8kg, bf% c.20% (using callipers on myself).

BMR: 2,380kcal - maintenance level, assuming sedentary lifestyle due to office based job.

Target intake 2,180kcal - 200kcal deficit on BMR.

Add in calorie expenditure for weights (150-200kcal depending on duration/effort), also record any walking over 15 mins and hill sprints.

Overall, aiming for c.500kcal total deficit per day, min 3,000 per week. Plan on following this for c12 weeks or so.

Have cut out alcohol during the week, plus tend not to have "big" nights very often these days anyway. Tend to take a gin and diet tonic, plus 2 glasses of red wine.

Following lean gains approach during the week, but less strict on meal timings over weekend (will eat with the family).

LG helps from a couple of points, easier to maintain a deficit, plus breakfast options at work tend to be carb heavy (porridge, muesli, bacon rolls, etc).

To counter early morning training, I take 30g BCAA over intervals as per LG recommendation. Have also started adding 10g creatine to the mix. Been taking a shot of matcha green tea powder too, equivalent to 150 cups of green tea.

Try to hit c200g from protein, limit bad carbs, get enough vegetables (broccoli, kale, etc) and take good fats (fish oil, coconut oil, mixed nuts).

Appreciate any comments on my approach, please shout if you think I could tweak anything.

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Cheers 91, it's typically 40% calls from protein, 40% fat, 20% carbs. Most variation would come between carb and fat, if I have had more carbs then go easier on fats to maintain deficit.

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