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Olympic Weightlifting Beasts!

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So for all the olympic lifting addicts out there! Share the oly lifting beasts!

For me:

Kakhi Kakhiashvilli: 227779_573308562683619_1334017266_n.jpg

Best lifts:

235kg @ 90kg CnJ

188kg @ 94kg Snatch

A whole lot of medals, 3 olympic golds!

Just unreal! The King!

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One of my favourites has to be victor solodov who has the highest total in the 90kg class of all time 422.5kg. I don't like to go by medal counts as you can win competitions if the best lifters aren't there. A good example of this would be the guy who one the 105kg category in the london 2012 olympics.

Others would be yuri zacheravich, leonid taranenko, urik vardanyan, asen zlatev, alexander varabanov, mikhael petrov and naim suleymanoglu. Shame the best lifters aren't around today.

Pre 1972

I don't know too much about this era but I can't fail to mention Ken Patera who had a 230kg overhead press which has yet to be surpassed.

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