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I'm Confused About Calorie Intake

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Guest ExperimentB76z

Well, Art. I really hope that this works for you. You'll have to be very strong willed to see it through, but if you can and by the looks of things you are very determined!, then the benefits can only be positive. It would be fantastic if you could get a reversal of your condition. Are you keeping a record in your log? Are you still training?

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I do, too, experiment, and yes, it's very hard to not 'cheat'.

I am keeping a record, and I am still training, though not very heavy, thanks to my traitor back


so far I've lost 10lb (water weight I'm sure) and my BG is hovering around the 80s, if it's that low tpmorrow, I will try reducing the Metformin and see what happens

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