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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone, first post here I've just started the SL Begginer Program and was curious about doing cardio. Should i do the cardio before or after the workout? Any idea if it has impact on gaining strength and muscle? Thnx
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum so first, hello. Second, I'm looking for some advice on what workout program to pick - strength or split. I've been going to the gym since I was 16 years old (I'm currently 31). My current goal is to build a bigger, more muscular (defined) physique and to shed a few stubborn pounds off my belly. For years I followed a back/shoulders, chest/arms, and legs/abs split routine. I made some gains - mostly on my traps, chest and arms. I've recently been concentrating more on my shoulders and back to try and open myself up a little. The bottom line is I've plateaued, and truth be told I probably plateaued a long time ago. Compounding matters is that I'm prone to muscular imbalance, here's a summary: - right pec covers a larger area with less 'peak' than the left - right lat is thicker and longer and more fanned out than the left (this is has been an issue for at least ten years - I simply can't seem to engage the left lat with bilateral exercises (which I use to try and broaden my back)) and is VERY irritating when wearing fitted tops - right leg slightly bigger than the left (despite my attempts at perfect form my right leg always comes away sorer on squats/deadlifts) - right oblique larger and thicker around the back (I seem to activate this when squatting) - left shoulder a little more 'bowling ball' than the right, but this is evening out Naturally I expect some imbalance (I'm right-handed), however the lat, leg and oblique is worrying me the most, and here's why. I've been trying to find a good training plan that will increase my strength and muscle mass. I stumbled across Mehdi's 5x5 website and thought his arguments were fairly convincing. I downloaded the plan and had my first workout yesterday. Now, I've not really been doing much in the way of squats or deadlifts. In fact, anything I do has normally been with free weights in attempts to right asymmetry. Here is what I did: Squat 40kg (88lb) Bench 35kg (77lb) - I cheated here and used dumbells. Row 25kg (55lb) Everything felt easy. I barely sweated. I've a sort of light 'pump'/soreness in my right leg, a bit of right knee pain and some pain in the middle of my spine. I tried so so hard to get the technique right - I followed Mehdi's instructions to the letter, but there were so many tips I perhaps got a bit overwhelmed. I'm not overly familiar with the squat (despite my legs being strong) and I found it very hard to get the row technique right. My question is this: if you're prone to muscle imbalance would it be better to just do a split routine - albeit a much more intense one than I've been doing? I want to build muscle, I'm not overly concerned with winning arm wrestling contests like Mehdi seems to be. But I do think I'm a little week and could probably do with building my strength before moving to more isolation work. Or, do I persevere with 5x5, focus even harder on form, and hope that with correct form and compound movements my body might actually rebalance all by itself? My last question would be: is 5x5 a reasonable program for someone who wants to see results, fast? My apologies for the rambling post - it's been a tough few days researching and I'm still none the wiser. Thank you in advance. Chris
  3. Hi everyone............ I do not have any squat rack in my gym . so OHP and squat is difficult to do and also i am not perfect in cleaning barbell I made this modifications on 5x5 and need your advice and help . is below routine workable ?? Workout A 1- V Squat 5x5 ( V squat machine 2- Barbell bench 5x5 3- Barbell bent over row 5x5 Workout B 1- V Squat 5x5 2- DL 5x5 ( not 1 x5 as V squat not effective as barbell squat) 3- barbell Over head press (not available) I do Smith machine seated press or Dumbell over head seated or Dumbell over head standing press ?? I will do this workout till I move from this commercial gym next year Waiting for ur advices friends
  4. Diet With Sl 5X5

    Started sl 5x5 at 212lbs of bodyweight, around 2000 kcals per day. I'm 18 sessions in, 12lbs down, but i dont feel any leaner. Possible muscle loss? I had a 1RM bp of 300 before the program, I struggled to get 275 after my last workout. I've since decided to increase kcals, but keep it clean, as follows Breakfast 5am 3 eggs, 1 cup of mixed veggies, 1 whole orange Snack 8am 1 cup ff cottage cheese, 1 large apple Lunch 11am 1 skinless boneless chicken breast, 1 cup of romaine 1 tbsp olive oil Snack 1pm 1 serving mixed nuts Pre workout 3pm 1 can tuna, apple Workout 4pm sl 5x5 Post workout 6pm 8oz ground beef 93/7, quinoa, mixed veggies, banana Dinner 8pm chicken, spinach, carrots, pear Pre bed 10pm ff cottage cheese, berries, flaxseed I'm hoping this will rid me of feeling like i've weakened in the gym since starting sl, i gain fat easily and hate cardio, so i limit carbs. Any insight would be appreciated.
  5. How To Take A Break?

    In the 10th week of SL and my hip joints just won't stop being sore. Same issues with lower back. I have a feeling that a break for a couple of weeks is in order. I am not sure how to go about it though. Thinking about some of the following options. I still would like to get back to 5X5 after the break. Option 1. Complete rest. Option 2. BW accessory exercises - pull ups, dips and push ups. Option 3. Continue with SL but at really light weights (30-50% of max) What do you guys do during a break?
  6. Stronglifts Review

    I am looking for a few reviews of the stronglifts program for my website. I have a page with the basic information and my own experience but I was hoping to give a bit more for newcomers who would like to try the program and could use some tips on how to succeed with it. The page is at http://www.strengthe...tronglifts.html Let me know what you think. Thanks guys! I don't want to take anyone away from ironstrong, I just want to offer the best information possible on my site and I know there are alot of knowledgeable, experienced lifters here.
  7. Madcow Questions

    I think Madcow is next on my list and I had a couple questions. 1) So Madcow goes Bench/Press/Bench, Bench/Press/Bench... repeat or Press/Bench/Press, Press/Bench/Press... repeat You either do twice ans much pressing or twice as much benching, correct? There's a part 2 to this question. Why not do this: Bench/Press/Bench, Press/Bench/Press... repeat??? 2) I was going to start as soon as I fail on squats. Lets assume that I fail at 320 lbs. So I put in 315 into the spreadsheet as my starting 5 rep weight. So now on Wednesday of the first week I'm already pushing 325? Let's recall that this is based on the assumption that I just failed at 320 on the Friday before... Is this reasonable? Thanks in advance
  8. Iphone App

    Well I know that "mehdi" has become a bad word for some, but he has made a pretty decent app for the Iphone. It's only for 5x5 but it is quite good. You'll still want to keep a log here... or somewhere. I'd hate to rely on the app then discover that he's going to start charging me $10/month if I ever want to see it again. I've just started using it, here is a screenshot: Uploaded with ImageShack.us