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  1. Strength Standards For Women

    I've love being on this site. The support is incredible and there is a lot of good information to be gained from this community. I also really appreciate being able to see the other women's logs and maxes. There are so few women that actually lift that it is hard to determine if you are making acceptable progress or not without this sort of comparison. While being the strongest women in the gym can feel nice, it doesn’t help you push your limits like being able to compare yourself to others that actually share your passion. I've only been on this site about a month but I can already tell that my progress has accelerated. Being on this site also causes me to mourn time that could have been better spent-but that's another post. I would like to share strength standards with you and also hear any feedback you may have or see any other sources you have as well. This set of standards strokes my ego. This article compares several different sets of standards and shows me I have a long way to go.