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  1. Hi everyone............ I do not have any squat rack in my gym . so OHP and squat is difficult to do and also i am not perfect in cleaning barbell I made this modifications on 5x5 and need your advice and help . is below routine workable ?? Workout A 1- V Squat 5x5 ( V squat machine 2- Barbell bench 5x5 3- Barbell bent over row 5x5 Workout B 1- V Squat 5x5 2- DL 5x5 ( not 1 x5 as V squat not effective as barbell squat) 3- barbell Over head press (not available) I do Smith machine seated press or Dumbell over head seated or Dumbell over head standing press ?? I will do this workout till I move from this commercial gym next year Waiting for ur advices friends