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  1. 250Lb Squat Stall

    Now onto my second problem. Its not so much a problem. I just think I may have unrealistic expectations. I've stalled twice at the same weight squating, so I'm on to my second deload. I just can't get a full 5x5 at 250lbs. Getting to 250 the second time around was definitely easier, but I wasn't able to get beyond 250lbs. My goal was to reach 315lbs before changing to 3x5. Is this somewhat unrealistic. Also, is there anything wrong with delaying going to 3x5 other than possibly delaying progress. Again, I've been doing stronglifts since Nov 2013 and this is the first time back at the gym in 10 years or so. I'm 34, male, 6' and ~200lbs. Here I am squating 245lbs I believe. It was my last set of 5x5. Not perfect form, but I wasn't too unhappy with it.