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  1. I am working on fixing on the squat technique. I have improved my butt wink but one thing I struggle with is that I don't even feel it happen when it does. What should I be thinking about (I guess cues) near the bottom to prevent this in addition to improving back strength and hip flexibility?
  2. Stronglifts Review

    I am looking for a few reviews of the stronglifts program for my website. I have a page with the basic information and my own experience but I was hoping to give a bit more for newcomers who would like to try the program and could use some tips on how to succeed with it. The page is at http://www.strengthe...tronglifts.html Let me know what you think. Thanks guys! I don't want to take anyone away from ironstrong, I just want to offer the best information possible on my site and I know there are alot of knowledgeable, experienced lifters here.
  3. We've seen it, or experienced it: some people are naturally gifted squatters and some people aren't. Some people have the perfect body proportions that make the movement textbook. We probably think of SKing as a case for that. Unfortunately, some folks are just going to have a hard time--which can be pretty demoralizing when you start out. My wife just started lifting again, and have a whole week of AFP under our belt. She has issues getting to full depth, and at first I chalked it up to mobility that we will work on over time. It's still something we will have to work on, but I was really paying close attention last night and it dawned on me that she has a little more than just mobility that's going to make this lift harder. She has a shorter torso and a longer femur. This is a recipe for clam shell squats (or taco squats as some like to call it). So what would a proper squat look like for someone like that? It would be awesome if someone made an app that let you put in your dimensions, and it would figure out the back/shin/knee angle for you.... But I have no time for that. Also what are some cues that work, since not all of the ones that work for me necessarily translate to her.