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Found 2 results

  1. Weak Shoulder Press And Bench

    Hi All Just found this forum and love it already. I am a 51 year old guy from Auckland, New Zealand. I have been lifting off and on (more off than on) most of my adult life, but never made great progress - mainly due to the usual culprits: poor attention to diet, poor form, not enough discipline. I have recently come back to lifting after a 2 year hiatus and am doing SL 5x5. I had a good run with this program last time around and for the first time felt I was really getting somewhere, so I am keen to give it another go. I know from that previous experience though, that I will max out on the overhead press and bench press way before I do on the other exercises. I have always been weak in these two exercises, even when I was in my 20's. Is there anything I can do to help in this area? Would it be worth adding in some DB flies or upright rows for example? A buddy suggested that just for those 2 exercises, I could spend a couple of months doing 3 x 10 or even 3 x 12 sets with much lighter weights to see if that made a difference, but conventional wisdom seems to say the opposite - reduces reps and increase weight. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance. Dave.
  2. Unilateral Dumbbell Floor Press

    An interesting alternative to the traditional barbell bench press is the Unilateral Dumbbell Floor Press: (from Dumbbell Floor Presses for Size, Strength, and Health on T Nation) Pro: Lower risk of shoulder injury Greater activation of stabilizing muscles No bench or barbell required (good for folks on a budget) Con: Smaller ROM Cannot be loaded as heavily as bilateral barbell bench press Harder to boast about your press numbers Discuss.