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  1. Below is a picture of my generic paleo style meal plan for a day. I don't really care about eating like a caveman. I simply cut out grains, legumes, milk, and cheese, as an experiment for health reasons and I feel much better since having done that. You'll notice I eat rice and tubers and whey powder with no tears shed that it's not paleo. I welcome any ideas about how to refine it or make it better. Calories need to be somewhere around 3000 and protein a bare minimum of 110g (I weigh only about 152 right now). But I tend to like the 1g per lb. standard better. In any case, what are your thoughts about the fat content of this plan. 52% of calories from fat seems high, or does it? I don't know. It's all "good fat" in my opinion because it's coming from meat, eggs, butter, coconuts, avocados, etc. I guess since I'm not rich and don't source grass fed you could consider that to be "not so good fat" but at least it's not refined PUFA oils. Still, I struggle with how to reduce that, because it means replacing each gram of fat with over two grams of carbs (or protein but that's excessive and expensive). Plus, without grains or beans it keeps coming back down to rice or potatoes as a carb source. I have those with most meals as it is. When I have sweet potatoes they take up half the plate and they're delicious. But I don't really want 3/4 plate of potatoes. Nevertheless I'm open to suggestions. I've recently discovered that pork rinds are fair game but that's basically pure fat so no real help there. I haven't listed anything regarding the veggies so that would add some amount of carbs but not much. I eat a reasonable amount of veggies, but not a metric ton as that would work against me and my small appetite since they are not calorie dense enough. I guess more fruit is always an option. My question with that would be, at what point does the fructose (even though it's natural) become a problem? You're welcome to suggest anything if you think something looks less than ideal. My only question is do you think the fat content it too high? And if so do you have any suggestions as to how to lower it and what to replace it with? Keeping in mind that I don't eat grains (except white rice) or beans or milk. Also, I should mention that I don't have a huge appetite so "eat 200 more grams of rice" probably won't work out in practice. Oh, and for those that don't know, hollendaise is a sauce made from butter and egg yolks, so that's why it's basically pure fat. But it's more palatable than drinking olive oil or something like that. Thanks for your input.