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  1. So, I saw this in two separate places: Mobility WOD: http://www.mobilitywod.com/2012/04/banish-your-elbow-pain-you-dont-really-play-golf-or-tennis-do-you.html Glenn Pendlay: http://glennpendlay.wordpress.com/2012/02/17/got-tendonitis/ Basically you get a tire inner tube, chop out the valve and slice it in half, lengthways. Wrap that mo-fo around your elbow joint (best shown in the Mobility WOD video) and then go through a full range of elbow motion for a minute or so (or until your hand looks like it's gonna fall off). Then bingo! your tendinitis is cured. A quick caveat - I couldn't get this working with the elastic bands at the gym this morning, and I'm yet to lay my hands on a tire inner tube (damn local bike shop was out). From the comments it seems like these approaches work, and if Glenn recommends it then I'm interested. If anyone else has tried this I'd love to know. I've been using a fucking hard foam roller on the forearms and triceps. Will update again later when I have tried it to let you know of its efficacy.