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Found 3 results

  1. hi im 18 years old and i need help gaining weight. I am currently 5'6 and only wigh in 108-110 which is really skiiny, and i hate it! so im going to try gomad and i want to be more informed about it and hopefully get some tips with gaining weight. Thanks
  2. Powerlifter's Pudding

    This has been a useful snack recently. All you need is: Whey Protein (Chocolate flavour works best in this case) Peanut butter (no added sugar, smooth mixes best but crunchy is fine if you prefer it) Whole Milk Mix the milk and whey together into a paste. (Judge amounts by eye as all powders will be different) Mix in the same amount in volume of peanut butter as the paste you now have, until it all blends together evenly into a dough that can be plyable and mouldable by hand. - Excuse the lack of amounts of each ingredient, but you need to do it by eye since all powers, and butters are different in consistency. It tastes great, is low in sugar, high in fibre, full of vitamins, fat and protein. You can mix it quite roughly to just spoon out of bowl, but you can also make it into a dough. I rolled it into little balls that looked exactly like malteasers earlier in the weak, if I get a craving for a snack its like eating a peanut flavour malteaser only its not full of sugar but the good stuff! I use a cheap powder for this so its overall a very cheap snack, and if you get the consistency right you can make (albeit very soft) protein bars, but due to the softness its works best as a pudding or as "malteaser" balls. (I never used to use whey but it works out cheaper than buying meat, and I can use it for liquid lunches at work which makes life easier on my hiatal hernia/reflux as its easy to digest while at work)
  3. Hi Guys and for my second post......... So I have read about this crazy milk thing that I know you're all aware of, drinking 4 litres of milk a day. I just wondered whether anyone had any success on this? Im currently about 15-16% BF and thats as much as Id like to be thank you very much although I have no issues going up temporarily. I just wanted some feedback and to see whether it is worth having a go for a month? Or maybe even just 2 litres a day??? As always I really appreciate your wealth of experience and opinions.... DB