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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, I had an MRI done on my shoulder & back last night and I've got the results, Imgur link here I had someone dumb it down on reddits explainlikeim5 which I'll quote at the end, but I was wondering if you guys had anything else to add, any advice on how to proceed, do I need surgery, rehabilitation, rest Any and all help appreciated beecee
  2. Rebooting After Injury

    So, I was performing a beginner routine about 6 months ago, doing well, seeing improvements, then engineering classes took precedent and I ended up making excuses and quit training. Then in June of this year I was getting set to return to a workout routine when I broke my ankle in a non-lifting accident. (Bicycling accident) Anyway, I'm looking for advice or tips to strengthen my leg again as I have experienced a fair amount of muscle atrophy and fat gain. I'd like to get back to a full body routine. My main question would be, do I need to focus on fully recovering my atrophic muscles (calve and foot muscles) before moving into heavier lower body workouts? Thanks. -Sam
  3. I embarked on a pretty intense session on Tuesday adding some Kroc Rows into the mix. I had done some bench pressing earlier on in the session setting some personal milestones... so I'm a little disappointed to have been sidetracked again with an injury. After doing a little research I have self-diagnosed that the problem is the Annular Ligament in the elbow. There is no other source for the pain. I suspect that because I wasn't "tight" enough on the Krow Rows that this has caused an over-extension of this ligament in my right arm. I now have this injury. I've dealt with some sever back pain after suffering a herniated disc and that was REALLY painful... this seems on a different level in some respects but it has gotten better over the morning. It's my deadlift day today... I cannot see myself reasonably taking part but in the past, when I have been hurt, I have shrugged it off and sometimes "fixed" the source of my pain. However, this feels different and there is a distinct lack of mobility. Does anyone have any advice on how to handle this type of injury or what the best way is to rehab it?
  4. Hi all I've been progressing well with the strong-lifts program for the past 2 months or so, and have occasionally dropped in here to read posts in the forums to help stay focused. The only problem I'm having with the SL program involves the overhead press. I was in a motorcycle accident in 1999 and sustained multiple fractures, including fractures to the proximal humerus and to the acromion (of the right shoulder). Now I have nerve damage (I think to the axillary nerve that innervates the anterior deltoid) to my right shoulder which greatly limits lifting ability in the overhead press. It feels as though the muscles required to execute the lift are just not doing anything ... I suspect that due to the severity of the nerve damage, I will not be able to progress any further with any shoulder work. So, my question is, if I omit this exercise from the strong-lifts regimen, should I substitute it with bench press or with incline bench press (or with something else)? And if I substitute with bench press, that will mean that the exercise is performed on both the 'A' and the 'B' schedule - should I increase the weight by 1.25kg each workout or every second workout? Thanx for reading Kraeg