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  1. Video Analysis

    Hi All, I am fooling around with some video analysis software - see here: http://ironstrong.org/topic/2838-squat-critiqueadvice/?do=findComment&comment=312226 Now I am not qualified to critique anyone's form so I'm not sure how useful this is - but playing with the software is fun. Unfortunately the video in the example is not ideal so I am looking for other examples. Ideally these should be taken from the side, directly in line with the lifter at about hip height and preferably without anything obscuring the view. From this, I can look at the bar path, the speed of the bar up and down, the angles of the back, hip, knee and ankle, etc. I can also convert the video to slow mo. Again, not sure if anyone would find this useful, but if so feel free to post a video. Mods - if this is better in the form check thread please move it. Cheers Dave
  2. I have been doing A F'n P for 18 weeks, started real low with all the weights and I'm still on linear progress. At first I increased all weights by 2kg every workout (deadlift 4kg). Currently I'm increasing by 1kg. I felt a fail coming on BP & press for weeks. Turns out the BP is the first. The facts: I can do 20 good form push ups. I put myself on a scale and it showed 50kg (67% of BW). I can't do 5x5 benchpress at 51kg (did 5x 4x 4x 4x 2x). I have been on a 2-3kcal a week calorie excess for the past 6 weeks, before that I was on a deficit. In the past 6 weeks I have gained 2kg, but that's mostly fat (measured with tape and caliper). What is wrong? I have a severe neck hernia, might my subconscious hold me back? Bad form? I will video my next bench press session to check form. My current stats are: Bodyweight: 75kg Age: 38 Press: 5x5 36kg Power clean: 5x3 46kg Bench press: 5x5 50kg (failed 51kg) Squat: 5x5 86kg Deadlift: 2x5 94kg Lower body is more developed/stronger then my upper body. This also shows in the 67% weight distribution when in push up position.