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Found 7 results

  1. Zalord Wrist Wraps

    Hello!My name is Sam and I just started manufacturing high quality wrist wraps for powerlifting, weightlifting, and crossfit too. Our wrist wrap has top quality and can absolutely compete with best brands in the market. They are nicely designed, heavy duty wrist wraps (18ā€™ā€™, velcro style, unisex design for both men and women). We are currently looking for people to review our product at no cost to them!DETAILS: Iā€™d like to offer 15 of them at just $1.8 to people who are willing to test the wrist wraps give us honest feedback about the product. There is no catch and it is totally legit, because the 90% coupons I will give you will be processed via Amazon. If you are Prime member, you will get free shipping also. If you are interested please contact me via email: sammy.nguyen2011@gmail.com Thank you and I look forward to working with you!
  2. Show Your Homemade Equipment

    I saw there wasn't a thread about homemade equipment. Don't hesitate and post your homemade stuff here. I always liked those on other forums so I will start things off: Kettlebell: just like a real one when doing 2 handed swings. I can load it up to 80kg using 10kg plates. Dipping belt: works fine Bumper "plates" (tires) Bench (dad welded it) Farmers walks Blast straps
  3. Where To Do Dips?

    I would love to give dips a try, since I've been doing the same few exercises for 2 years now. The problem is, my gym doesn't have the right equipment to do dips. Buying a dip rack online is quite expensive (most of them over 200$) and making a dip rack myself isn't an option either since I'm not good at making stuff like that. It'd probably collapse after the first few reps. Anyone got a bright solution or cheap offer?
  4. Your Favourite Diy/makeshift Equipment

    Your Favourite DIY/Makeshift Equipment It's a common discussion point to mention a DIY solution to a training need, and I thought it would be interesting to all your favourite ideas you have seen or implemented in one place. Also I recommend using the below format so its clear what the usage is and so pros/cons can be weighed up. Builder's Trestles Uses: Excellent spotters for training alone safely for both squats and benching Can be used for dips Static training for abs (L sits, tucks etc) Advantages: Cheap Exceptionally Strong Adjustable Versatile DIsadvantages: Bulky The square shape of bars make dipping etc not the most comfortable Possible Substitute: Saw horses
  5. The Barbell Thread

    Just got myself a Texas Power Bar after much research, and it struck me this forum doesn't have a barbell thread. So here it is! List the bars you currently use or wish you could use or plan on buying and hopefully we can start to compile a list of bars, prices, pros, cons etc. So after years of persevering with el cheapo bars I finally splashed out and bought a decent one. Albeit a used bar, this Buddy Capps Texas Power Bar is by far the best bar I've used. I haven't used it enough to offer a really solid review, but will once I've put it through it's paces. So if you've got a favourite barbell or one we should avoid at all costs, lets hear it!
  6. Deadlift Jack

    As my deadlift has gotten heavier, adding plates has gotten more awkward. I don't like the trick of putting a 2.5 lb plate under the innermost plate to create space to slide more plates on. I don't want to spend $65 on a portable deadlift jack (like this one), but I like the idea of something I can stick in my bag and take to the gym with me. The solution: Total materials cost: zip, zilch, NADA! (I made it from extra heavy, solid maple pallets that had held roofing slate for one of our campus's historic buildings.) Preliminary tests with the Olympic plates in my home gym were successful. I'll let you all know how it works with the bumper plates at the college. (Oh, and nice to see that the old woodworking skills haven't deserted me!)
  7. Lifting Shoes

    Please use this thread to let us all know what kind of weight lifting shoes you use. This is not a thread for posting that you use chucks, vibrams or go barefoot. There is already a thread for explaining individual preferences here: http://ironstrong.or...opic/112-shoes/ Post: a link to the shoes you use including a photo and price if possible tell us about your experience with them whether or not you would recommend them. how the size shoe you wear compares to the size sneaker you wear (indicate gender and country) Hopefully this can be a good resource for someone who is in the market for a good specialty weight lifting shoe. I'll start. ------------- I use the Adidas Ironworks III. http://www.dynamic-e...IWIII08FRS.html I got them for $100 last September. This is the only pair of weight lifting shoes I've ever used, so I have no basis for comparison, but I do believe they help me squat more weight. Perhaps any weight lifting shoe would though. Before that I had been using either chucks or bare feet. I keep them on for benching, rowing, pressing and power cleans. The soles grip the floor really well. I'm able to get them good and tight and after more than a year of lifting in them, they're still in nearly-new condition. Nothing has worn out or broken. Even the laces are holding up pretty well considering I lace them so tightly. The velcrow strap really helps get my foot good and tight. I wear a men's U.S. size 10 for sneakers. My Ironworks are size 9.5 and fit perfectly.