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Found 10 results

  1. Hi All I am asking about body re composition ( build muscle and reduce fat at same time)..... Iam 99kg 178cm about 26% body fat what i know is to : 1- I eat maintenance calories 2- I increase Qty of protein too much There is other tips ??
  2. Found this article to be fairly comprehensive and supported by literature. http://www.muscleforlife.com/healthy-meal-planning-tips/
  3. Hi everyone I need to lose weight , working on jason blaha ICF( cutting version) My weight is 103 I need to be 85 kgs. My diet will not be less than 160 gm protein and not less than 80 gm carbs about 1600 calories Iam still beginner and my training weights are increasing Please give me your opinion and advice for below diet Break Fast: 1 scoop of whey protein + 25gm oat + 1 yogurt low fat + 1 banana ( My workout will be before break fast so I will take black coffee and banana before workout and 1 scoop of whey protein + 25gm oat + 1 yogurt low fat after workout ) Snack : 200 ml skimmed milk + 20 pcs of nuts Lunch : 300 gm of chicken breasts + 100gm spanish + 1 brown toast Snack: 100 gm of cottage cheese Dinner : Big Salad plate + 140 gm tuna + 1 tablespoon of olive oil Before Bed: 1 apple Some times i wake at night and feel hungry I will eat low fat yogurt or cottage cheese
  4. Does anyone else workout in the morning before 9am? or earlier like say 7am? I've read, Eat Stop Eat - Carb Back Loading - Fuck Calories - Intermittent Fasting - LeanGains - and a myriad of other references on eating for a specific goals (IIFYM, I've counted calories) All I want to do is maintain my weight (to best I can) while increasing strength - I know I know, I will get heavier - I just don't want to get chucky...current BF~18-20% (I'm happy with that, not to fat not to skinny) I'm not saying any of these "diet" schemes haven't worked for me. And I have tried all of them for at least a period of 6-9 weeks at a time. Hell, I even went fully into a "Raw" diet for a few weeks once. The only time I can make to workout is before work during the week (i.e. 6:30-9am). ~ Here is my current eating habits Pre-workout: water and caffeine pills Post-workout: green/fruit smoothie, 20-30 g protein (isolate to casein) + 1/2 cup oatmeal for the late morning I'm not hungry - will drink coffee and water Lunch (1-2pm) consists of some type of salad, nuts, fruit and meat (large enough to make me feel full) When I get home (5-6pm) I'm horribly craving carbs - so I eat a 64oz cup of Cinnamon Toast Crunch with milk 6:30ish - Dinner is usually a small meal like sandwich w/ fruit or lean chicken/beef with veggies ~ I know this is not really the healthiest way to eat. My only gripe is that I don't have a lot of energy throughout the day. Is that a diet problem? I've been sleeping 7-9hrs a night. I drink only water throughout that day. I'm really confused - I'm listening to my body as best I can - but I feel like I need to change or modify something. Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on eating habits for an person who works out in the early mornings?
  5. Diet With Sl 5X5

    Started sl 5x5 at 212lbs of bodyweight, around 2000 kcals per day. I'm 18 sessions in, 12lbs down, but i dont feel any leaner. Possible muscle loss? I had a 1RM bp of 300 before the program, I struggled to get 275 after my last workout. I've since decided to increase kcals, but keep it clean, as follows Breakfast 5am 3 eggs, 1 cup of mixed veggies, 1 whole orange Snack 8am 1 cup ff cottage cheese, 1 large apple Lunch 11am 1 skinless boneless chicken breast, 1 cup of romaine 1 tbsp olive oil Snack 1pm 1 serving mixed nuts Pre workout 3pm 1 can tuna, apple Workout 4pm sl 5x5 Post workout 6pm 8oz ground beef 93/7, quinoa, mixed veggies, banana Dinner 8pm chicken, spinach, carrots, pear Pre bed 10pm ff cottage cheese, berries, flaxseed I'm hoping this will rid me of feeling like i've weakened in the gym since starting sl, i gain fat easily and hate cardio, so i limit carbs. Any insight would be appreciated.
  6. Hi all, I received this via e-mail from a Nutrition website which bombards me daily with advertisments and similar such articles. I usually cast a quick eye over them or just press the delete button, but this one made me sit up and take notice as I rely on Whey Protein shakes to supplement my protein intake. I've come across some of the arguments here before, but never thought that something which contains 1g of fat will actually increase my body fat to any noticable degree. So I thought that I'd share the article with you all and invite comments. It won't come as any surprise to learn that it culminates in an advertisment for a new brand of "super grade" time release Whey Protein, so you'll have to sift through the marketing BS. But, to those of you who are knowledgable about the dietry side of things, are these claims basically true or not? "Whey protein, even the "high quality" stuff that you'd pay an arm and a leg to obtain from your local Vitamin Shoppe or GNC, could very likely be stalling your fat loss progress and, even WORSE, causing you to GAIN weight. And if that wasn't enough, here are the absolute WORST times to consume whey protein: 1. During the day 2. In the evening Scratching your head? Don't: you understood it perfectly. Whey protein simply isn't a great protein to consume at any time of day, and for specific reasons. 1. Whey Protein Absorption - A review on the rate of protein absorption published in 2006 in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism reported that whey protein isolate absorbs at a rate of about 8g/hour. This is in large part due to the fact that whey is not broken down into small enough peptides by our body's natural enzymes in time to be absorbed. Couple that with the fact that the window of opportunity for whey protein to be absorbed is 1.5 hours, your body at maximum will be able to absorb 12 grams of whey protein from a single serving. Kind of makes those 40g whey protein shakes seem foolish, doesn't it? Well, that's because they are. Simply put, whey protein passes through the system far too rapidly to be adequately absorbed, leaving the majority of your protein shake wasted...literally. 2. Insulin Release Associated With Whey - Which of the two items below cause a greater spike in insulin? a) White Bread Whey Protein Well, as you can probably guess, if you chose the horrendous, high glycemic, void-of-all-nutrition white bread, you'd be 100%...WRONG. That's right, a 2012 study published in Nutrition & Metabolism identified that the specific amino acids in whey protein stimulate beta cells to secrete more insulin than a similar amount of carbohydrate from white bread. In the presence of insulin, fat burning essentially stops. This makes a whey-protein-only supplement a big-time no-no for evening use, especially pre-bedtime when avoiding spikes in insulin are paramount as metabolism is already slowing down in preparation for its normal, much slower sleep rhythm. The truth is, whey protein simply isn't an ideal protein to use at any other time other than immediately following exercise, and even then the amount you're able to absorb on a per serving basis is extremely limited. So there you have it. Are Whey Protein Shakes really such a waste of time?
  7. Hi all ! I've just started weights after a massive change in my diet and lifestyle. I am a skinny 29 y/o male who grew a nice beer belly over the past few years and watched my health deteriorate (bad food, beer, smoking, no exercise). Made the decision to give it all up and have just started my 3rd month of a healthier lifestyle. The first month i spent every night at the gym walking and running to 5k's (about 45 mins on the treadmill) but no weights. I started the stronglifts 5x5 program and just finished session 10 tonight. Run down: Weight: 60kg Height: 5"10 Build: Skinny Diet: 8:30 Breakfast - Protein shake, 1x egg with spinach/ mushroom/ capsicum/ tomato/ sprinkle of light cheese 10:30 Snack - Baked bar (no fat) and 50g of nuts 01:00 Lunch - Pumpkin seed bread with 50g beef/ cheese/ onion and an orange 03:30 Snack - Smoothie (1x banana/ blueberries/ diet yoghurt/ whey protein/ psyllium husk/ wheat germ) 06:30 GYM 08:00 Dinner - Either a) turkey with quinoa and roast veggies - or homemade pizza with turkey/ spinach/ capsicum/ mushroom I want to eat the right foods, but i dont want to get my belly back! I have dropped 8kg's since and 2.5 inches from my waist making me now a size 28 jeans. All good so far except - * I am REALLY struggling with the overhead press - i can't seem to get past 32.5kg's (i just manage 4 reps but not 5). I do this after my squats so the 2 aren't related but once i get to the 3rd one my arms want to fall off and the 5th never makes it past the top of my head. All of my other exercise grow 2.5kgs with each session except for this. Questions: 1) What can i do to improve my diet? 2) What can i do to improve the overhead press? 3) When is the best time to take creatine? (every website is different) 4) Should i be having some sort of power bar before gym? (i just made the ones listed in the recipe forum and cant wait to try em) All feedback is welcome! Thank you, Chris
  8. Ok, suppose a guy ends up eating McDonalds. Now I'm not talking about the situation where "the guy" is on the road late and it is really the only thing open... then he's smart and orders a grilled chicken sandwich, no sauce, no fries, water to drink... That is not the situation I'm talking about. I'm talking about the pre-meditated murder of a Big Mac, fries, and drink... and supersize it. So, if a guy is going to do this, is it better to do on a workout day or non workout day?
  9. Basically wonder what your guys' thoughts are on these 2 diets. I'm a pretty fat guy but making decent gains in the lifting area. 285lbs with about 33% BF. Carb cycling: 3 day carb cycles day 1, no carb... 0-10 carbs day 2, low carb...10-50 carbs day 3 mid carb....50-150 carbs each day eat minimum 150g protein day 2 and day 3 would consist of mainly fruit based carbs. Like canned fruit or possibly fresh, if I get to the store. That would basically be my plan. Low carb plan 0-30- carbs per day. 2 green salads per day with a fiber substitute. each day eat 150g protein. Weekends would consist of carb ups. Limited to only 2 days.. and not a gallon of ice cream carbs... but fruits and possibly a pizza or a sub. I know right now pretty much anything I do will work. My goal is not to get to 5%BF but to get to around 20%BF would be nice and go from there. I'm pretty much an all or nothing in terms of dieting so just restricting calories won't work. I need a structured plan. Which one do you guys think would work better? I don't count calories or anything like that. I know that is why I'm a fat guy now lol but hey, you gotta start somewhere.
  10. I know that we've got some folks here who are both strength trainers AND vegetarian, a combination that many -- if not most -- lifters think is impossible, foolish, or stupid. If that's what you think, keep it to yourself or your own log. This thread is for vegetarian lifters to discuss how to combine a vegetarian diet with a strength training program. To get the ball rolling, I will confess up front that I am not a full time vegetarian. For religious reasons, I abstain from meat certain days of the week and certain periods of the year; during these times, I am also theoretically supposed to abstain from all animal products (including fish, eggs, and dairy). I'm not particularly strict in this, especially in my consumption of hard-boiled eggs, my mainstay during fasts. Any thoughts, experiences, etc?