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Found 2 results

  1. Snap, Crackle, Pop

    So, let me start by saying this: I'm not injured.... but worried I will be. My problem is this: My upper back feels a bit tight and has to "pop", like popping a knuckle, all the time (a few times a day). I am concerned this is a sign of a bigger potential issue. Now, some background: I have been deadlifting for about 4 yrs now with almost no problems. Just recently (the last 4 months) I have been deadlifting with greater frequency and volume (x2 per week... w/ up to 10 working sets) and progressing the load. This has helped me progress in the deadlift significantly but I am worried it has a price. A confounding factor is that after reading numerours articles on rounded upper-back deadlifts and seperate ones about using the form you "find naturally"... my deadlift form has shifted a bit; more so in the things I do and do not focus on in the lift... I don't think I'm "sloaching" nor do I think most people would say my form looks bad, I just don't kill myself to keep a perfect posture anymore (I still arch my lumbar pretty well I think). I also am not foam rolling, stretching/warming up too much or doing SMR -- just feeling pressed for time and not making it a priority. I suppose it could also be the chin ups I do? (alternate weight and unweighted x2 per week) but I doubt it My questions are: How worried should I be? How abnormal is this? What can I do to improve / stop this? Looking for any feedback.
  2. The Age Old Question. Touch N Go Or Dead Stops

    Hmmm, the age old question. I was in two minds about starting this thread, but lets strike up an interesting debate. Touch n Go and/or Dead stop. I've always done dead stop, but as a taller lifter I think there's something to be gained from the constant tension when using touch n go reps. I believe it may help with my sticking point. If I remember rightly forum member, Vlad, has always used touch n go and happens to be one of the best deadlifters on this site and he's also pretty tall. So without giving the generic answer of: "it's called a DEADlift" What do you use and why? Do you think anything could be gained from switching? Do you have any links to articles which discusses the advantages/disadvantages of either?