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  1. Deadlift Injury

    Hello. I'm glad I found this site. It has already been quite useful. It seems there are few internet heros who squat 500lbs after 2 months. So thats good. So i started SL Nov 2013 and it has gone well. However, with deadlift, I've hurt my lower back twice now. Not badly, but it is unpleasant. And I am concerned about progressing with this lift. The first incendent was the last rep of 225lbs. And it was the first problem with this ilft. There was an attractive gal next to me and I was 100% focused on the lift. It was a sharp pain to my lower back and had me out of comission for a couple of days. This was a Friday I believe and I was doing DL again till the next Wednesday. I was back to normal by then. My DL continued well up to 295lbs, when I did a deadload of 10%. Not because I failed 3 times, but because I did not feel comfortable with my form and wanted to deload for more form practice. From then on, I would do warm up sets starting at 135lbs up to my working weight, then warm down sets consisting of pause deadlifts down to 135lbs again to work on my posterior chain. I got this from Candito Training HQ from youtube. And this is when I had my second and more concerning injury. I got up to 285lbs DL no problem, in fact I felt very strong. For my last warm down set of 135lbs pause deadlifts, I had the same pain as before. And again, I was not 100% focused, this time because of the relatively low weight. So my question is this. How often do you guys experience back pain doing DL and should I more seriously consider getting a lifting belt. I has hoping to not use one till at least 315lbs for DL and squats. Thanks in advance for the advice, I'm sure I'll have more questions to come. I'm a 34 year old male, 6' ~200lbs ~10 years away from the gym before starting but I was an active kid and young adult growing up. My current 5x5 working weights are 245 squat and I fear I'll have to deload for a second time at 250 285 deadlift 190 Bench 195 row Up to 120 OHP, but currently 105 after a second deload