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  1. Hi all ! I've just started weights after a massive change in my diet and lifestyle. I am a skinny 29 y/o male who grew a nice beer belly over the past few years and watched my health deteriorate (bad food, beer, smoking, no exercise). Made the decision to give it all up and have just started my 3rd month of a healthier lifestyle. The first month i spent every night at the gym walking and running to 5k's (about 45 mins on the treadmill) but no weights. I started the stronglifts 5x5 program and just finished session 10 tonight. Run down: Weight: 60kg Height: 5"10 Build: Skinny Diet: 8:30 Breakfast - Protein shake, 1x egg with spinach/ mushroom/ capsicum/ tomato/ sprinkle of light cheese 10:30 Snack - Baked bar (no fat) and 50g of nuts 01:00 Lunch - Pumpkin seed bread with 50g beef/ cheese/ onion and an orange 03:30 Snack - Smoothie (1x banana/ blueberries/ diet yoghurt/ whey protein/ psyllium husk/ wheat germ) 06:30 GYM 08:00 Dinner - Either a) turkey with quinoa and roast veggies - or homemade pizza with turkey/ spinach/ capsicum/ mushroom I want to eat the right foods, but i dont want to get my belly back! I have dropped 8kg's since and 2.5 inches from my waist making me now a size 28 jeans. All good so far except - * I am REALLY struggling with the overhead press - i can't seem to get past 32.5kg's (i just manage 4 reps but not 5). I do this after my squats so the 2 aren't related but once i get to the 3rd one my arms want to fall off and the 5th never makes it past the top of my head. All of my other exercise grow 2.5kgs with each session except for this. Questions: 1) What can i do to improve my diet? 2) What can i do to improve the overhead press? 3) When is the best time to take creatine? (every website is different) 4) Should i be having some sort of power bar before gym? (i just made the ones listed in the recipe forum and cant wait to try em) All feedback is welcome! Thank you, Chris
  2. How Many Carbs?

    Hi all recently I had suggestions that I need to cut down carb and calories intake to loose weight, but question know arousing is that how many carbs specifically should I take on workout and rest days. As to my research to maintain you I should take 3 times my body weight in lbs, which is just over 600 grams, so I am assuming to cut I should take 100 gram carbs on rest day and 170-200 on workout days. Does this makes any sense and do you think it would help me cut weight and wont hurt my lifting? cheers
  3. Hi y'all, I've recently started experimenting with what I like best as a PWO (PostWorkOut) meal. Since it would obviously be nice to have a little diversity in PWO choises, I though I'd start a new thread here. So we can use this thread to post our favourite PWO meal, shake, or whatever you boys and girls like to eat after beating the iron. Let me kick things off with my absolute favourite: 4 baked eggs 'sprinkled' with 200g chicken filet, and 2 big slices of cheese Put all this on 3 slices of whole-wheat bread 200g of raisins, and 300ml of chocolat milk on the side...oh how I love chocolat milk I don't have the exact calorie/protein etc count anymore since....well....that was posted on SL, and I forgot to write it down anywhere else. So here's a rough estimation: Kcals: >1500 Protein: >100g Carbs: 150g Fat: <50g