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  1. Basically wonder what your guys' thoughts are on these 2 diets. I'm a pretty fat guy but making decent gains in the lifting area. 285lbs with about 33% BF. Carb cycling: 3 day carb cycles day 1, no carb... 0-10 carbs day 2, low carb...10-50 carbs day 3 mid carb....50-150 carbs each day eat minimum 150g protein day 2 and day 3 would consist of mainly fruit based carbs. Like canned fruit or possibly fresh, if I get to the store. That would basically be my plan. Low carb plan 0-30- carbs per day. 2 green salads per day with a fiber substitute. each day eat 150g protein. Weekends would consist of carb ups. Limited to only 2 days.. and not a gallon of ice cream carbs... but fruits and possibly a pizza or a sub. I know right now pretty much anything I do will work. My goal is not to get to 5%BF but to get to around 20%BF would be nice and go from there. I'm pretty much an all or nothing in terms of dieting so just restricting calories won't work. I need a structured plan. Which one do you guys think would work better? I don't count calories or anything like that. I know that is why I'm a fat guy now lol but hey, you gotta start somewhere.