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  1. Weak Shoulder Press And Bench

    Hi All Just found this forum and love it already. I am a 51 year old guy from Auckland, New Zealand. I have been lifting off and on (more off than on) most of my adult life, but never made great progress - mainly due to the usual culprits: poor attention to diet, poor form, not enough discipline. I have recently come back to lifting after a 2 year hiatus and am doing SL 5x5. I had a good run with this program last time around and for the first time felt I was really getting somewhere, so I am keen to give it another go. I know from that previous experience though, that I will max out on the overhead press and bench press way before I do on the other exercises. I have always been weak in these two exercises, even when I was in my 20's. Is there anything I can do to help in this area? Would it be worth adding in some DB flies or upright rows for example? A buddy suggested that just for those 2 exercises, I could spend a couple of months doing 3 x 10 or even 3 x 12 sets with much lighter weights to see if that made a difference, but conventional wisdom seems to say the opposite - reduces reps and increase weight. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance. Dave.
  2. Hi every one Iam novice lifter on Powerlifting to WIn novice program(PNP) , lifting about 2 months . There is a small competition in my City and i need to participate in it. Just for experience and fun The main point that i never tested my 1 rep max for 3 lifts And i can not test them these days as there is about 10 days for the competition . But in PNP i am recording my lifts to according to RPE . Here are my questions , 1- can i estimate my 1 RM from RPE chart ?? i will be effective According to rpe chart my 1RM are Squat:130kg(286lbs) / Bench: 102 kg (225lbs)/ Deadlift: 175 kg ( 385lbs) 2- i read articles that i can do my attempts as follows , is this correct ?? First attempt : 90 ~ 95% 1RM / Second attempt : (98% 1RM) / Third attempt : 100~103% 1RM 3- What do i eat in this day ?? 4- How many days should i rest before the meet ?? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi everyone i am using now jason balha icf , recently i wanted to add some calisthenics exercises i need to squat , bench and DL once a week. this to recover better rather than squatting 3 times/week and benching 2 times/week so i am asking how can i design my PL program as ( bench day , DL day , squat day or any other version) I need a topic that show basis of designing a PL program ( this program to be 2 or 3 days per week) and add weight every week I know 5 3 1 routine but i need to design a program than makes my available to add weight every week
  4. This is a heads up for the new competition format, which hopefully will see a lot more participation. All scoring continues to be in Wilkes coefficients (sorry, no adjustments based on age). I'm also experimenting by leaving this open for chatter before the actual competition. We're sorry we missed the May competition, but this looks like it should make up for it. New Rules and Awards We support 4 lifts now: Squat: hips below knees, no wraps (neoprene sleeves OK). Stand for a couple seconds before reracking it. Bench: hips and shoulders in contact with the bench, heal does not have to be on the floor. Wrist wraps OK, no elbow sleeves. Pause for a second on the chest, and a couple seconds at lockout. Deadlift: no straps or compression shorts/suits. Both conventional and sumo are legal, no hitching. Hold for a couple seconds at the top. Overhead Anyhow: no equipment, implement, or technique restrictions, bar must be on the floor at the beginning of the lift, and overhead with arms locked out at the end of the lift. Hold lockout for a couple seconds before dropping it. The squat/bench/deadlift still have raw powerlifting rules. The pauses listed are to demonstrate control over the weight. In other words, it needs to have a true lock out and not force the judges to make a judgement call based on freeze frames. There are also 5 awards: Best Single: The best Wilkes score on any 1 lift. Best Two-For: The best combined Wilkes score on any 2 lifts. Best Total: The best combined Wilkes score on any 3 lifts. Absolute Best: The best combined Wilkes score on all 4 lifts. Beast Unleashed: The highest total amount in weight that a person lifts. Any one person can have a clean sweep, but more than likely we should have different names for each of the awards. I understand the "Beast Unleashed" award favors bigger guys, but hopefully that total will be something worth respecting. It's also something that's a lot more easily understood than Wilkes scores. We very well may have different names for "Absolute Best" and "Beast Unleashed". That's something I'm hoping for. Event Dates and Submission Guidelines The contest will be for the whole month of Novemeber 2014! All submissions must be lifts that occurred during the month of November. Start Date: November 1, 2014 End Date: November 30, 2014 All entries must be on video, and we require the following: Body weight on the day of the lift. Weight of the loaded barbell or implement (overhead anyhow). Video must be made during the month of November Use an angle we can accurately see the pauses (at lockout and on the chest for bench press) If you lift in shorts and a t-shirt, please tuck your shirt in so we can see the hips and the knees clearly. If you have multiple submissions, label them clearly. The best legal lift will be used out of the lot. Everyone with a training log on this site is welcome to participate, even if you start it in the month of November. The judges will be the site moderators, and they will merely be judging whether the lift counts or not. The judges will add the Wilkes score to your entry. Within the first week of December, I (or one of the other mods) will announce the results in a new thread. I will set up a spreadsheet on Google Sheets to keep track of everything and share that link with the other mods. Please Participate! This should be a fun competition. We've expanded the dates so that people who have competitions in that month can use video from that competition, and it should easily fit most people's training schedules. If you only want to participate in one event, go for it. If you want all the glory, go for it. Participating in this competition requires at least one entry, that's it. You can participate as much or as little as you want. ---- We have the results! Click here
  5. I sometimes experience soreness/weakness inside both my elbows at the base of the biceps at the very start of a heavy lift as if I'm bench pressing with poor alignment. Last time I attempted a 1rm I felt as if all the weight was being lifted at that one spot but apart from this exercise I never have discomfort in this area. Has anyone experienced or have a solution for this problem please?