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Found 3 results

  1. Thickness Of Belt ??

    Hello Everyone i am going to to buy powerlifting belt Someone told me , if your weight is below 105 kg then buy a belt with 10 mm thickness and there is no need for 13 mm My weight is about 95kg Thanks in advance
  2. Hi Everyone 1- I need a help . i need to buy a belt and knee sleeve and i can not find them in Egypt So i have to buy online and ship them . What is the best website that have good service and good prices also ? Of course shipping and custom expenses will be high . 2- For belt after searching i will buy a a single prong, 4″ wide, 13mm thick, leather belt. As it was a recommendation from powerliftingtowin http://www.powerliftingtowin.com/powerlifting-belts/ Any suggestion for brands 3- For knee sleeves i need ur suggestions pleeeeeease Of course i need to buy both knee sleeve and belt from one website I need all your recommendations as buying online to Egypt will be expensive Thanks in advance
  3. Lifting Belt Advice Needed

    I saw that there are already similar topics, but those were very specific questions regarding belt thickness, etc. I have multiple questions, hence the separate topic. I just found out that I have two degenetrative discs in my lower back. My chiropractor has me on a plan to help increase spine flexibility in the lumbar region, which is part of my problem. While he wants me to keep lifting, he says I should lighten the load for now and definitely wear a belt while squatting and deadlifting. I've become a bit of a Rogue Fitness fanboy, so I was looking at their belts. I've also seen Best Belts mentioned here. So, on to my questions. I've seen video of people using belts that are quick release. Other than the obvious benefit, are there other pros/cons to this type of belt? Would I be better served by a single or double prong belt closure? I'm leaning towards a 10mm, 4" belt based on the responses to other topics on this forum. I'm 6'2" with a relatively long torso. Sound about right? Are there other manufacturers/distributors that I should consider? Any other words of wisdom for a belt-newb? The bad news? There isn't much I can do directly about a disc that is deteriorating. The good news? I can continue to build strength around the area to indirectly compensate for the spine weakness. My chiropractor stated that I'm off to a good start and there is definitely nice protection around the spine. I just need to keep working on developing it. My ceiling for squatting pain free was 165 lb. last Spring. I recently pushed it to 185 lb. before feeling pain again, so I added 20 lb. in a few months. That isn't much, but it tells me that I can keep raising that threshold. I may never squat big weight, but it won't be because I'm not trying. Any advice on the belt purchase would be appreciate.