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  1. Does anyone else workout in the morning before 9am? or earlier like say 7am? I've read, Eat Stop Eat - Carb Back Loading - Fuck Calories - Intermittent Fasting - LeanGains - and a myriad of other references on eating for a specific goals (IIFYM, I've counted calories) All I want to do is maintain my weight (to best I can) while increasing strength - I know I know, I will get heavier - I just don't want to get chucky...current BF~18-20% (I'm happy with that, not to fat not to skinny) I'm not saying any of these "diet" schemes haven't worked for me. And I have tried all of them for at least a period of 6-9 weeks at a time. Hell, I even went fully into a "Raw" diet for a few weeks once. The only time I can make to workout is before work during the week (i.e. 6:30-9am). ~ Here is my current eating habits Pre-workout: water and caffeine pills Post-workout: green/fruit smoothie, 20-30 g protein (isolate to casein) + 1/2 cup oatmeal for the late morning I'm not hungry - will drink coffee and water Lunch (1-2pm) consists of some type of salad, nuts, fruit and meat (large enough to make me feel full) When I get home (5-6pm) I'm horribly craving carbs - so I eat a 64oz cup of Cinnamon Toast Crunch with milk 6:30ish - Dinner is usually a small meal like sandwich w/ fruit or lean chicken/beef with veggies ~ I know this is not really the healthiest way to eat. My only gripe is that I don't have a lot of energy throughout the day. Is that a diet problem? I've been sleeping 7-9hrs a night. I drink only water throughout that day. I'm really confused - I'm listening to my body as best I can - but I feel like I need to change or modify something. Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on eating habits for an person who works out in the early mornings?