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  1. Beginner Still Or Intermediate

    Just would like some advice please, Just sighed up on here and after reading some of the other question and answers I can see there are some real experienced and knowledgeable lifters on here who can help put my mind to rest. My current lifts are Squats are 115kg, 253lbs for 3 sets of 5. Deadlifts 341lbs 2 sets of 3 Bench Press 176lbs 3 sets of 5 Press 135lbs for 3 sets of 5 Recently ive been over thinking my training abit and feel like I am suffering some sort of analysis of paralysis. My Squat and Bench have been stuck on the lifts above for about 6 months now. My deadlift and Press are fine and I always seem to make progress on them by just training these lifts once a week I am still abit unsure if im a beginner lifter still or am I a intermediate lifter??. Ive tried squatting heavy 2-3 times aweek but the weight 253lbs stays the same or eventually the reps and weight will drop down (ive got to 264lbs a few times but never past that) I have tried squatting 1 time a week but I always feel weaker??. Should I be adding a second day of maybe lighter Squats, like some sort of pause squats or volume work?. Also same for my Bench Press?. Performing only 3 sets of bench press 1 time a week is obviously not working for me if a week later I dont feel any stronger?. Sorry for long winded ques. But really need some good advice on this pls. Cheers guys Lee