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  1. Rules

    General Rules You must keep a log/blog on this site You must video and upload each lift You must provide a fairly accurate body weight measurement You must meet basic lift judging requirements:Parallel on squats Touch chest on bench (touch and go - no bouncing) Lockout on deadlift. No hitching allowed ​You don't have to do all three lifts in one day, you have the entire week If you do spread out the lifts over the week, please wait until you've finished all three, then post them as a single post. It makes it easier for the judges, and keeps the topic easier to browse There is no maximum number of attempts per lift. Try as many as you want. Just don't hurt yourself Equipment Rules (Mostly Raw) Belt is allowed Neoprene sleeves are allowed Shirts and suits are not allowed Knee wraps are not allowed Calculating the Winners Once you have completed your lifts, please use JohnR's website (http://weightlifting.org.nz/is/login.php) to add yourself to the official rankings. You'll have to register first (http://weightlifting.org.nz/is/registration.php), and I suggest using the same user name as here. Registration is easy, and once we're all done we'll have a nice table on record here, so everyone can easily track their progress year over year. We are only going to be really hard on the form of the top three lifters. If this is not you, then don't worry if you're an inch or two high on squat. Count it as something to work on for next time. But you should still try for parallel.
  2. I was very impressed by the equipment in this gym. It's not very big but it has 4 squat racks and another station with a rack of weights and an olypic bar. I assumed that this station was for deadlifting even though there were no pads. So I paid my $5.60 (not a bad price for a drop in) As it turns out I should not have looked at the equipment to see if the gym would suit my needs, I should have read the signs. “Absolutely no food or drink in the weightroom” Ok, I under stand this, but certainly they don’t include water... wrong! So I end up walking waaay down the hall to line up at the fountain along with all the squash players and the aerobics class. "Proper footwear required. No sandals!" This one is totally my fault, I don't have lifting shoes, I usually lift barefoot at home. I tried one set with my runners on but it was terrible so I slipped them off. I only made one set before they caught me. So those signs were annoying but defensible, but now this one was the last straw: