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  1. I think I have discovered the reason my jeans don't fit as well as they used to... I tried on a pair of loose fit jeans this morning (well they used to be loose fitting till I started this lifting caper) - they were very snug in the thigh but I am getting used to that. I was really shocked to discover that they were tight round the butt and I couldn't work out why since my measurements have only gone up slightly but not enough to make me a lardass by any means... I went through to brush my teeth and caught sight of my side reflection in the window. I noticed that my ass sort of swoops down in a curve from my lower back and STICKS WAY OUT! So, from this I have deduced that I look quite normal from the front and back (thighs look slimmer from this angle and butt looks quite neat) but from the side I look quite....well...like a shit brickhouse My shape has changed completely and I'm not sure I like it, it's just not what I was expecting to look like at all after several months of strength training. I do look stronger and not so wobbly but I did not expect to look this much sturdier. I'm still waiting for all the muscle to magically melt the fat away like that bastard Mhedi promised on his webpage... Anyone else having an ongoing fight with their clothing?