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  1. I competed in my second novice strongman comp yesterday and came third. I've stuck the video up in my log if anyone wants a look :)

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    2. Robernaut
    3. FerrousMaverick


      Congrats Rob! Looks like it's time to compete in "Open" now...

    4. Robernaut


      Thanks, FM - yeah, bit of a worry that :D

  2. Hope it's nothing too serious FM!
  3. So I was being coached by Shaun Clegg today and Tom Martin needed spotting with his 255k x3 top set, so you know, I helped out. U JELLY BRO?

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    2. Robernaut


      He maybe did not push himself as hard as he could have done if he'd had a better spotter than me :D

    3. Jimagenesis


      haha you should have taken a selfie.

    4. bosworth


      squat assist selfie

  4. My log is active, it's just not very active
  5. Looks good. I am haz shall participate.
  6. Plungers

    What the fucking fuck? Do your friends look a little like... ...because if they do...
  7. Was there are May PL comp? Is there going to be one at some point?

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    2. FerrousMaverick


      Totally fell off my radar.

    3. Robernaut


      May as well wait until November?

    4. johnnyboy


      I will prepare to embarrass myself in November.

  8. The 200Lbs Rule

    I will be submitting two entries; over 200lbs and sub 200lbs. It will be like doing a study on biological twins, where you separate them at birth and one leads a happy normal upbringing, and the other is kept in a cold dark cupboard with venomous snakes until adulthood and given a semi automatic gun to see to what extent upbring changes a person [by way of example].
  9. The 200Lbs Rule

    I think I will throw one of my balls over my shoulder. You can't get more manly than a man messing with his balls.
  10. The 200Lbs Rule

    I am glad there are others out there who enjoy emphasizing their manhood with a laden bar as mush as I do.
  11. The 200Lbs Rule

    I think this counts as unleashing the Luftwaffle, Ja?
  12. The 200Lbs Rule

    I am potentially in for this contest. However, I am currently 204lbs and cutting. In my present form, I am too manly, and may have to wait til I reach 199 lbs to join in. It would not be fair on the other participants.
  13. The 200Lbs Rule

    I have taken wearing short shorts to the extreme of rugby shorts. I pretend this is for the convenience of lifting farmers walks handles, so they don't get trapped in my shorts, and that the bar passes my quads more freely on snatches, cleans and deadlifts (I am not quite ready to go full leotard). But really, it is so that my glutes of steel and legs of sculpted awesomeness are more visible to the viewing public. I caught them gawping. I'm just giving them what they asked for. Also, GOMAD is a stupid diet. I prefer prefer bulking to 207.3lbs on VOWADA (vodka, waffles and plenty of dead animals). I trust that brings clarity to the debate. If not, zen ve vill unleash ze Luftwaffle!
  14. The 200Lbs Rule

  15. I realised today that the only muscles I don't directly train are chest and biceps. I am the anti-bro.

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    2. Kronos


      -1 they are the most important muscle group

    3. bosworth


      chest and biceps are one muscle group?

    4. Kronos