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  1. Anyone in the Philly area? I could use someone to get on my case about skipping my gym time.

    1. NeilPorter


      Im not but get to the ******gym Randy. GO on stop reading this and get lifting :-)

    2. Evan


      Whoa you're back.. I've also been failing to work out...

  2. Investing In A Home Gym. 2 Questions.

    I'm in pretty similar situation. I'm in Philly and don't nearly have a tall enough basement for a full cage. My cousin recommended NY Barbell to me a few weeks ago and once I get the money together I plan to make the trip up there and see the stuff in person. I've already got my weights together and what I've been doing so far for OHP is doing it kneeling. I have just enough room to do that. I've also been doing lots of floor pressing until I get a rack/cage to do full bench. Add in an EZCurl bar that I got a few years ago from a someones trash, and I'm good to go.
  3. Anyone hear of Big Beyond Belief? A 6 day BB split that focuses on compound lifts seems really interesting.

  4. Which Job(S) Do You Work In?

    Seems like this could be really interesting. I'm finishing up my senior year of college, graduating in about a month with my BE in Naval Architecture. No idea where I'll be working yet, but I have faith. As a student I can pretty much go to the gym whenever I want and can keep a fairly steady diet, though the food is awful. The biggest thing I want out of graduating and getting one of those job things is to have my own kitchen.
  5. Not sure how I'm going to survive next week. Two papers due, my best buddies wedding (and the rehearsal dinner, and bachelor party and other best-man duties) oh and I'm flying to Louisville for a day to do a follow up interview. Help!

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    2. Randy


      Well I am trying for a 4.0 this semester. So I need like 85% + on these papers.

    3. Luca


      good luck with the essays man!

    4. Randy


      Thanks, but the papers are the least of my worries at this point. So much crap to do with the wedding and then adding flying out of state for an interview just comes up to being total chaos.

  6. Think I hit a Sleep PR last night. Passed out at like 9 and woke up just in time for class at around 8

  7. Deadlift 'start' Assistance

    Someone suggested to me to stand on a few plates to increase the ROM and do DL's like that to work on my starts. Have not tried them yet, but it seems like a solid plan. Off the floor is the weak point in my DL, so I'll probably give them a shot at some point.
  8. Saw this on reddit and thought everyone would appreciate it. A visual guide on serving sizes for various fruits and vegies.

  9. Saw this on reddit and thought everyone would appreciate it. A visual guide on serving sizes for various fruits and vegies.

  10. Failed on squats this morning, only one thing to do... Craft beer night.

  11. Going through some serious food withdrawl. About to buy a few different 5lb bags of dark choco covered berries.

  12. Just got 2lbs of Optimum Nutrition Performance Whey in the mail for free. Forgot I did a survey a few weeks ago.

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    2. Randy


      From what I can tell by the ingredient lists, the Performance has two types of hydrolized whey, where the Gold Standard does not. It also has creamer in it, not sure what that will do for consistency. When I try it I'll update.

    3. Kilim


      Cool. ON has decent profile and cheap and taste decent enough as well. Right now I use ON Gold Standard for my Proatmeal Pre-WO and Trutein for my everyday protein supplement.

    4. Randy


      Well I tried the Performance last night and wan pretty happy with it. It mixed really easily and did not separate at all (i normally leave my shake at night for ~2 hours or so and the Gold Standard tends to separate until shaken back up) Tasted pretty good, but that may also have something to do with just being different than my normal shakes. Most likely I'll just dump the thing into my big tub and mix em together.

  13. Took a video of my farmer's walk course. Twistier than I thought. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9oSsPC7oJM&feature=youtu.be