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  1. I know it's not accurate to determine what a good routine is, because it's based on the individual, but I want to know if this routine is well rounded. Here are some notes: -I'm still a beginner and this is a FBW routine 3 days a week -I'm including many upper body compounds because it's a weak point of mine -I'm worried if 3x5 deadlifts will be to much with my CNS. Should I lower it to 1x5? -Is this routine well rounded? -Bench both days because it's weakest lift. Routine: Day A Squat 3x5 Bench 3x5 Row 3x5 Pull Down 3x8 Day B Front Squat 3x5 Press 3x5 Deadlift 3x5 Bench 3x8 Pull Down 3x8 Accessory for both 3x8 Crunch Facepull Hyperextension Calf raise *Pull downs until I can do chin ups
  2. Looking For Olympic/squatting Shoes? Check This Out

    I was just playing around . Sure they are a good crossfit shoe or a starter shoe but if you plan on Olympic lifting or even squatting for a long time, you can get a much better shoe. They are around 100$ and with that you can get a much more stable shoe like the power perfects or pendlay. +It's fun to make jokes about crossfit
  3. Looking For Olympic/squatting Shoes? Check This Out

    K told me I missed those but I thought they were the same as the powerlift, turns out they have a bigger heel. Had no idea lol
  4. After searching for Olympic shoes here's a review plus some deals Wei-rui's 60-80$- Cheap shoe for about 60-80$. They seem solid with a wooden heal http://www.maxbarbell.com/collections/vendors?q=Wei-Rui Crossfit shoe - Fuck you Adidas powerlift 90-100$- Slightly lower heal than adipowers, very popular shoe but sides of heal are semi unstable because of material. Still ok for price Adidas power perfect 90-100$ - Look very similar to the powerlifts but the the heel is more suited towards Olympic lifters, because it's higher. Really good shoe for the price, heel is not wood or as stable as adipowers/romaleos/pendlay but still works great. Pendlay 2013's 130$ - New to market and by far the best shoe for the buck. They seem like the same exact design of the romaleos but are 60$ cheaper. I've read reviews about them ripping but i'm not sure if that's true. http://www.muscledriverusa.com/2013-Pendlay-Weightlifting-Shoes_c_715.html?gclid=CJWi6rCzrLsCFbFxOgodr3QANw Rouge do wins 120$ - IMO not a good shoe. The heel is solid but the grip of the shoe is slippery and the quality of the shoe seems bad. For 100+ you can get pendlays. Widest WL shoe Romaleos 160-190$ - Good quality shoe, heavy compared to adipowers which makes squats feel solid. Nothing bad to say. 2 straps make the shoe look better but it's not needed Adipowers 170-200$ - Also good quality shoe. Personally this seems like a shoe that was made for Olympic lifting. The material seems better compared to the romaleos, but the shoe does come narrow. However, the narrowness isn't that big of a problem. Deals/notes: I recommend going with .5 decrease in shoe size for mostly every single shoe. If you are not sure about sizing, you can order from rogue and try out a pair. Then return it for 15$ shipping. Yes you will lose 15$ but it 's worth it because the shoe will last for a long time. Eastbay: They have a 20% coupon on Mondays, but not every Monday. If you call or chat their customer support you can easily find out when their next coupon will be. If you use this coupon you can get the adipowers for 160+10$shipping and the romaleos for 150+10$ shipping. However, a better way of doing is to sign up for their membership program. You will get 1 year of free shipping for 10$. So the price of the shoe will come out the same, but in the longrun it would be better off if you choose to shop again. Even better is if you choose the 20$ program because the shipping will faster + you will get a 25% coupon for one use: meaning the shoes will come out the same price, but you will faster and be able to use that free fast shipping again for a year. Ebay: This is a great way to find cheap shoes, but I personally think eastbay is the way to go. However if you think you know your size, you can find cheap romaleos or adipowers for 140-150$. But you will not be able to return them which sucks. If you're looking for cheaper shoes you can find powerlifts for around 70-80$. You can also find do wins for 50$ and if you're lucky you can find romaleos or adipowers for 120$ My recommendations: Buy yourself the pendlay 2013 do wins. No one has done a solid review on them but they are exactly the same design of the romaleos for only 130$ If you want romaleos or adipowers use eastbay or ebay. Don't spend 200$ for a pair of shoes when you can easily save 40-50$ I personally have the adipowers. I have a wide foot but the romaleos for some reason felt weird to me so I stuck with adipowers. Any questions feel free to ask.
  5. Does Madcow Work?

    Thousands have done this program and have had results, and same goes with 5/3/1. But most recommend madcow right after 3x5/5x5. Yes it works, you've been asking this similar question for a long time and I understand you want answers and are frustrated, but try the program to see if it works.
  6. Bench Press Form

    Was going to say pretty much this + If you're doing bench for pec development, this isn't usefull form, and if you're benching for strength it's not going to legal in a comp. The only thing this bench will do is make you look stronger, when you clearly aren't. It's also increases chance of injury because you are using a weight you can't legit handle.
  7. Kim Walford Deadlifts 512 Lbs (232.5 Kg) At ~144 Lbs

    Those are some crazy lifts, but that deadlift setup though. LOL
  8. I changed the title when little first thought I was talking about gear because I didn't want people to get confused, Also added info to my first post when people were getting confused.
  9. @mat, well that's an entire different debate.. If your forcefully trying to be as healthy as possible, then that's what i'm talking about. @Art, Yes Art you know people that can do that, but newbies don't do that... They have no idea how many calories they need, so they just do this for weightloss and when they see 6lb lose in a week, they think it's healthy. So you're saying 5 cups of apple juice is 500 calories. A male would probably have to drink that 6 times, the people that I see juice cleanse, don't drink that much. What do you mean no one said cleansing is not stupid? That's why this juice cleansing is real, because people think it's smart. @Jug, Yes, if you read what I said in my first post, I said that i'm not against juicing, because I do it myself, i'm against juice cleansing.
  10. If you already have a healthy diet, which you should if you are into fitness and weightloss, this cleansing sounds pointless to me. How exactly will eating less "cleanse" you body, and what are you cleansing? Sure it might be fun to try if you're obese with a horrible diet.
  11. Yea I don't see anything really wrong with adding it to your healthy diet, but many people do these "juice cleanses" and all eat/drink are these juices. Meaning they are probably consuming under 1000 calories per day, which is simply unhealthy. I myself blend fruit into a smoothie, because I hate eating it.