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  1. Advice On Sl 5X5 To 3X5

    What's going on man? I know I am replying to this a little late, but hear me out. I have been lifting weights for the past 14 years. I'm 6ft and I weigh 245lbs. I'm 33 years old. Whatever you do or whatever others have told you do not give up!!!!!! I will say that one more time, DO NOT GIVE UP! Overhead press is always the first lift that you will begin stalling on. Bench Press and Bent Over Rows will follow suit. Squats are a interesting exercise. A lot of it has to do with how deep you are going and your technique. Do not lean forward, keep your back straight, look ahead, and bring your hips about an inch or so below your knees. You don't have to go ass to grass, but go pretty deep. Good form is more important then weight. Work on solid technique. Squat is the most important exercise. If you are struggling at 225lbs after 18 weeks it is a good thing. Don't expect to be pushing 300lbs in 18 weeks. Follow through with every workout and hit it hard. Squat, squat, squat, squat, and squat some more. Always squat first. Once you hit about 250-260lbs then I would look at moving towards a Madcow type workout. If you aren't familiar with Madcow workouts look them up online. There are plenty of calculators out there to help you figure your weights out when you are ready. A good bench weight right now would be around 125-135 lbs for you after 18 weeks if you started with just the bar. 225lbs sounds about right for squats, your overhead press numbers look good along with all your other lifts. You are right on target honestly. I remember the first time I ever pulled 260lbs on a deadlift and I felt dizzy and thought I was going to die. I pull 565lbs now. Don't pay attention to anyone that tells you your numbers are weak. They are not. They are perfect and online. I would start a 3x5 workout once you hit the 250lb squat for five reps . Once that happens drop the weight back 10% and start over for 3x5. This isn't a race. When you see Flex Magazine or other muscle mags and you see some bozo that can bench 405 lbs I am hear to tell you, he is on steroids. Unless you are 6ft and 345-350lbs and have been lifting for 10 plus years will you be able to hit those numbers on a bench without steroids. Some people are just freaks and can do it naturally. Not many. Take your time and have fun with this. Keep this in mind, there are morons out that claim to squat 405 lbs over the internet, and they can only hit 135lbs. People talk a lot of trash and always make themselves sound better then what they are. You are being honest and I can tell. Because you're numbers are right on line where people will typically begin to run into stalls. Be proud of what you have hit. When you stall get excited, because it tells you that you have reached a new line of strength and you just have to bust through it. BE PROUD OF YOUR NUMBERS! Do not get discouraged. Keep up the good work. Any questions hit me up.
  2. Creatine Supplements

    A lot of depends on what type of Creatine product you are using. In high school and college I used just normal Creatine and it helped with recovery. I have used Muscle Tech Creatine and my gains exploded through the roof. The only downside I found using Muscle Tech Creatine was it brought on a lot of aggression and made me extremely mean. I also gained a good 20 lbs of water weight while using this product. I am naturally a bigger guy. 6' 230-240 pounds with 18 inch arms, 31 inch quads and 34 inch waist. Now that I am 33 years old I have been just using protein as a post work out agent. Creatine is a great product for smaller guys, ectomorphs, and extremely hard gainers. It can help push you through some tough sticking spots. If you have more of an endomorph-mesomorph physique I would suggest staying away from it. The water retention from creatine is extremely high. I would suggest lifting heavy weights and sticking with compound movements if you wish to gain size and strength . For size I would use some hypertrophy specific workouts and for strength I would stick with the basic five by five movements such as bench press, squat, dead lifts, bent over rows, standing military press and cleans. If you have any questions feel free to hit me up. Supplements are mainly a crock and are pushed by the companies who produce them. Some are really good quality supplements and others are just crap. Really do your research and look into what you are putting in your body. Stay away from the hype and bro science of lifting. You will progress much faster.
  3. Deadlift - Sumo Or Standard?

    On a serious note please get your back issue looked at before you continue to lift. Any nagging pain can hinder your lifting experience greatly. Not only that, but your chances of getting hurt are real and serious. Once you start hitting a little heavier weight on squats such as 185 lbs or more your back really has to help support the weight until your hips get comfortable with the natural squatting technique. You could really hurt yourself if you hit a set of heavy squats or deadlift and just tweak a little and blow all your progress out the window. After you get the back issue figured out I would continue with standard deadlifts. The reason I say that is deadlifts are an exercise that work pretty much your whole body and helps strengthen your core and hips. Within a year of deadlifting on a regular basis you could easily hit a 400lb deadlift. If you follow Stronglifts the way they recommend you do, you will see great improvements on all of your lifts, you will be in much better physical shape, and your cardio will improve dramatically. I speak this from experience. So in short, get your back checked out, then follow stronglifts to a TEE. You could hit high numbers quite quickly with a good diet and following stronglifts. There are other routines out there, but stronglifts is a pretty solid one to build a strong foundation from. Best of luck my friend.
  4. Diet Plan Advice Needed

    There is nothing wrong with not eating meat, but it does somewhat limit you on your diet. Even if you went to just eating chicken breasts that would help you a lot. A 5 ounce chicken breast is only about 110 Calories, with quite a high amount of protein and no fat. If you are interested in more information feel free to hit me up my friend. Best Regards, Nick