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  1. Am I Hurting My Knees?

    Sure no problem: I do a kind of hybrid 5x5. Everything is the same as usual except from doing back squats 3 times a week, as I play football/soccer once or twice, I've subbed back for front squats. Just to ease up on the weight as I'm up to 140kg on backs. The pain has been over the past few months and is not unbearable by any means-i am able to work through. It does happen when not squatting to, ie when I'm relaxing. I've been to a doctor's who said it was fine although she just checked it the lower half of my leg rotated out while holding the knee - she wasn't exactly thorough... Here's a couple of links I've had checked in the form section: Thanks
  2. Am I Hurting My Knees?

    Hey. I've been squatting for about 4 or so years now. Don't get back pain. Pretty good form I think (I've uploaded a video in form check). I'm just wondering how I would know if I was injuring my knees... Recently, I've noticed my knees creak and a slight pain at the top of my right knee cap. It comes and goes. Left side is fine. When squatting heavy I notice it feels tightish, maybe just a dull pain. (I think I'm pretty good at keeping knees out and knees don't pass over my toes) My 2 questions are: 1)is this something I should be overly concerned about? (Btw I play football twice a week so I'm wondering if it's just over use, now that I'm getting to heavier weights... I never get any knee pain playing football during or after) 2)would someone definitely get pain if something was wrong. I mean, if you have no back pain, no knee pain, is there any chance of there being any issues? Thanks in advance!