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  1. hi guys check my squat form plz

  2. hi guys check my squat form plz

  3. ^^^ now a days fruits veges are not so nutrient dense. bettertake a good multi
  4. Body Recomp Calories - Rest/workout Split

    IN my experience i cant lose fat without cutting carbsdown.
  5. Testosterone

    I have corrected,my diet to a very large,extent I had not eaten veges fruits etc for a long time. Reintroduced them now. Mainly cabbage cauliflower beet spinach. I am optimistic
  6. Testosterone

    Maverivk The main thing is when I lost weight I had zero clue about diet. I lost 20 kg but my diet was sorely lacking in vitamins and minerals as I hardly ate them.
  7. Testosterone

  8. Testosterone

    also starting tribulus and l aginine also found that drinking onion juice has been known to raise test. levels drinking one onion juice dailu
  9. Testosterone

    i have same problem my level is 320 optimal for my age is 700 above taking--- 100mg cod liver oil with butter oil d3 4000iu zinc magnesium transdermal therapy cruiferous veges changes noted in these 4 days better sleep get huge ass erectins in morning
  10. i want to make a home made meal replacement powder. thinking of mixing skim milk powder along with cofee powder and glu cose powder. my question is will the mixture remain stable for 1-2 months if kept in airtight conditionds
  11. The Goal (Or Accountability) Thread

    goals upto this sept bw--- 70-73kgs squats 105 kgs bench 85kgs pendley row 75kgs ohp 60kgs pullups 20 reps