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  1. Need input: what snacks/food should I have available during my USAW competition?

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    2. MikeD


      I had coconut water with me along with all that ^ If you're planning on cutting weight, start rehydrating/eating again very slowly after...it might, uh, go right through you if it's too fast.

    3. Steve


      PB&J (lite on the J), gatorade, caffeine.

    4. bosworth


      cool, thx guys - I'm not going to cut, I'm staying in the 105kg category.

  2. from where should I buy a singlet? - first comp coming up in 5 weeks

    1. wolfman
    2. wolfman
    3. Steve


      I got a basic one on Amazon. If you are between sizes, buy two as there are free returns.

  3. Carbs

    I appreciate the discussion... I've used Vitargo before - no real difference to me if I had a protein shake with fruit/spinach and oatmeal... I've done keto, cycling keto, primal and paleo...all of which required to much thought for me. I agree with dark - eat real food, even post workout. I second LSG - IIFYM works the same for me, mostly - I've modified it a bit though ~ My 2cents: My daily protein intake value is ~215-225g @ 210lbsBW. I focus on hitting that mark daily. I don't concern myself with when I eat it or how I eat it. I make sure to eat real food - oatmeal, rice, all kinds of meat (fatty or not), veggies/fruits (big fan of spinach)...I eat when I'm hungry. Been doing this for about 2 months: weight hasn't changed, except for water weight. Strength gains are still happening. Bloodwork is solid, I sleep well...sex is good - what else could you ask for? ~ steps down from his soapbox - sorry I went off there
  4. Your Most Recent Buys

    yo lemme get that book Arty Farty
  5. Your Most Recent Buys

    20kg Evolution OLY Barbell - Againfaster.com, chalk, Tommy Copper Wrist Bands
  6. Anybody here done the "ALS Ice Bath Challenge"?

    1. bosworth


      I got to pour ice water on my inlaws tonight - YAY!

    2. 5inthehall


      My husband and two of my kids have done it. Not me. I hate cold water. I'd rather write a check.

    3. klimmilksq


      If you came into the chat and could tolerate MikeD's constant instagram links you'd see that he has done it.

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    2. bosworth


      Jasper that's a bit generous don't ya think

      wolf - the chain is to keep his abdomen from exploding

    3. Jasper


      The chain thing is one probably the most ridiculous part of the vid

    4. johnnyboy


      Impressive beard.

      Pathetic ROM.

  7. wanting to keep up with everyone's log - no enough time in the day

  8. no way

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    2. klimmilksq


      3 white lights. notsrs.

    3. CarlHmS


      What's wrong, Box? You never seen crossfit before? Hot girls doing, whatever that was. This is why we love and hate crossfit.

    4. lunamud


      If I see stuff like that on Saturday, I'm calling "no rep."

  9. Full Body Mobility Drills For Weightlifting?

    I started with the DeFranco stuff - really helped when doing them before/after workouts. I have since moved on to doing Flossing/Smashing and Stretching from the "Supple Leopard" Book. You are welcome to download it from my dropbox here I've found the Kavadio book on pirate bay - it will be in the dropbox folder tonight. I suggest going through all the movements in the Supple Leopard book first to see what Floss/Smash/Stretch is all about. ~my 2cents~
  10. Going To By Wl Barbell For Oly - Need Input

    For real? lol
  11. Ok, I have about $600 to spend on a bar or bar+bumpers I need some help determining what I should buy. I know now, how different it feels to do the OLY lifts with a real WL bar made for OLY. The bar I have been using is 1. diameter to big around 31-32mm and 2. doesn't spin well or give enough during the lift Here's what I found: 1. Pendlay deal 2. Rogue 3. I don't know what I want really Any suggestions?