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  1. Cholesterol Results

    Just an update on last year. My HDL cholesterol went up from .69 to 1.39mmol/1 which is well into the healthy range. Cut out the crap in my diet for the last 6 months and increased the amount of fish (around 4 times a week) I eat and it seems to have done the trick. My overall cholesterol went down as well.
  2. I currently jog a couple of times a week on off days for fitness/cardio. I usually cover around 3 miles over 30 minutes. I'm interested in doing sprints instead for variety. Has anyone got any experience of this and offer any advice?
  3. Cholesterol Results

    Thanks Mike. I've been looking to reintroduce some cardio at some point so this could be the kick up the arse I need. I'll go with the fish oil as well as trying the olive oil.
  4. I had to go for a health check for a renewed health cover for work and got the results through today. All is fine and everything is pretty much within guidelines apart from HDL cholesterol. Anything over 1.00 mmol/l is considered acceptable but higher the better. Mine is .67 mmol/1 which is considered a risk. Due to my overall cholesterol being good at 3.69 mmol/l I've been told I shouldn't be concerned but to look at my diet. Generally my diet is good and I eat most of what is recommended. So I'm looking at ways to increase my HDL levels in addition to tweaking the diet. Omega 3 and Niacin supplements seem to be recognized as helping with this. Has anyone got a similar cholesterol level and am I wasting my time and money going down the supplement route?
  5. Pull Up Variations. Which Are Your Favorite Ones?

    Like Art I prefer neutral grip pull ups. If you are doing body weight exercises for body building I would suggest push ups, dips and pike press for chest, triceps and shoulders. For back it would be pullups and inverted rows and hanging knee or leg raises for and If you are using free weights or machines then there is going to be a lot more exercises to choose from.
  6. Squat Progression

    Yes, I've done this a few times now. I feel it's time for a change after 18 months.
  7. Squat Progression

    Thanks Berin. My current set up is not to dissimilar to what you have suggested. I do 531 on squats with 3x8 on the FSL sets. On Deadlift day I do paused squats 3-5 sets of 3. I think the volume I was doing (FSL) just wasn't heavy enough. I definitely need to add mass. Lol. The best advice so far Mark.
  8. Squat Progression

    Just out of interest I have settled on something like the following which isn't to dissimilar to what I was running before. The differences are that the volume achieved on squats and bench will be at a higher % than the FSL on 531. So this should build a better strength foundation and the increases are weekly rather than 3 weekly. Sun (Push) Bench 5x5 (volume) Press 3x8 Dips 3x15 Optional (down to time and feel) Db tric ext HLR Tues (Squat/Pull) Squat 5x5 (volume) Deadlift 5rm (intensity) Pullups Optional Back ext Bicep curls Thursday (Push) Bench 5rm (intensity) Incline 3x8 Dips Optional Db tric ext HLR Friday (Squat/pull) Squat 5rm (intensity) Rdl 3x8 Db BOR 3x8 Optional Pullups Bicep curls If stalling occurs on volume days (5x5) then the rep scheme will change to 8x3 and on intensity days (5rm) the rep scheme will change to 2x3 and 3x2.
  9. Squat Progression

    Thanks for the advice KAKTy3. I'm looking at the TM templates in practical programming and I quite like the 4 day template that has you squatting twice a week. I'm still considering the 3 Day squat template above as well.
  10. Squat Progression

    Some guidance needed on squat progression. I've done a few cycles of 531 over the last 18 months and adjusted the program to accommodate more volume (FSL on squat days and paused squats on Deadlift days). I've progressed to the same weights this cycle than I did last cycle with no improvement. Recent maxes 10 rep 105kg 3 rep 112.5kg 1 rep 117.5kg My thoughts are more doubles and singles for strength/confidence. Any thoughts appreciated.
  11. I've trained 3 or 4 times a week on SL and 531 over the last 2 years and the best progress I had was with 531 with eating at a surplus. I think the monthly progressions helped recovery at an older age. As you know Mark, I've gone to five times a week from three, having less exercises and shorter sessions. Previously training was taking up to an hour and half but now they take 45 minutes to an hour max. I squat 3 times a week (main focus), bench twice and Deadlift once but I only go heavy on one session. The other sessions will be for technique work but I do seem to react better to more frequency (I think!). I will report back if I crash and burn.
  12. Which Supplements For Joints?

    Thanks for all the responses guys. I think its going to be a case of trial and error and see what works if anything.
  13. There is always a lot of discussion around the usual supplements such as protein, creatine, BCAA, etc but I don't see as much around what's best for joints and ligaments. Does anyone take supplements/vitamins for this purpose? I've noticed that Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate are mentioned frequently.
  14. Doit's Home Gym

    Hi, I'm in the UK and have recently created a home gym in a shed. I've bought quite a bit from the below website and I believe they ship abroad. http://www.powerhouse-fitness.co.uk/ They have a good selection of power racks that go up in weight capacity (and price) and are willing to do deals on multiple products. Not sure how the prices are going to compare though but they are reasonable in the UK. Good luck!
  15. Questions About 531 Bbb And Beyond 531

    There are a few variations on FSL including rest pause sets for upper body and paused sets for bench and squat, all dependant on your goals. The FSL mulitple set scheme is recommended to be 5 to 8 reps for 3 to 5 sets. The FSL single set is amrap.