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  1. I was doing squats about a week ago at 225lb for 3 sets of 5. I had been going up 5lbs every workout, with 3 workouts a week. I had this pain in my left inner hip area. I felt it when I was in the bottom of the squat, with my knees out. It didn't feel like a muscle injury, it felt like pain in the joint between where my left femur connects with my hip. I took a week off and tried squatting at 185 lb, but I felt that same pain come back when I was in the bottom of the squat. Have any of y'all had experience with this type of pain / injury? What have y'all done to heal this pain / injury? Thanks
  2. Sore Lower Back

    I've been doing stronglifts for about 4 months now. About a week and a half ago, i did heavy deadlifts with bad form. I was trying to get 5 reps. I only got 2 in, and my back was rounding. After that, my lower back has been sore. I tried to repeat the same weight 4 days later then 8 days later, but I couldn't get the bar off the ground. My back felt fine for a bit then I squatted. I'm currently in a deload for squats, after my 1 set of 5, my lower back felt really sore again. I think I may have a strained lumbar erector. I'm gonna stop deadlifting and rowing for awhile. I don't know if I should for the squat though. I would hate to lose all my squat progress. What do you think is the best approach to this? Thanks.
  3. Sore Lower Back

    Thanks Bjarni. I think I'll do that. I've a volleyball tournament on Nov 16. I'll resume squatting, cleans, deads, and rows after that.
  4. Signature

    I've seen lots of members here with signatures at the bottom of their posts. How do I get a signature? Thanks
  5. www.dynamicdaygame.com

  6. Dips And Pullups

    I've been doing SL 5x5 for a few weeks now. I can do pull ups and dips for 3 sets of 10. Should I move on to 5x5 with dips and pull ups with additional weight? How do y'all incorporate dips and pullups in your routines?
  7. Dips And Pullups

    Yeah I've done some pullups and dips before I started SL 5x5, so I can do the full ROM. I've just been doing dips after day A for 5x5 with added weight. On day B I've been doing pull ups one day and chin ups the other day for 5x5 with added weight.
  8. The Squat

    So far I've completed all my squat sets. I do stronglifts 5x5 and will do 220 lbs next workout.
  9. The Squat

    It's the lateral part of my deltoid that's sore. It feels deep, like in the middle of my arm. With my grip, I use all my fingers and thumbs over the bar. I can't keep my wrist straight. I have it bent.
  10. The Squat

    Should my deltoids be sore from low bar squatting?