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  1. Deadlift 'start' Assistance

    I have a feeling they'll slide
  2. Deadlift 'start' Assistance

    For me, speed deadlifts didn't do anything but add more volume with less weights - still suck at exploding from the floor. I'm really struggling with explosiveness with sumo deadlifts and have no idea how to deadlift off a deficit with sumo Any ideas ? I thought of hammering the shit out of my hamstring and glutes to get them bigger, but that's where all the ideas stop. Doing assistance exercises for a conventional sumo doesn't have much transfer.
  3. Ex-Sl Members List

    This... Can not believe how many people are still bothered by him or what he does, this does look like a bitter break up indeed. I got rid of all social profiles (forums, facebook, etc.) and holy shit does it feel good. I do my own thing trainingwise, keep a log where nobody can comment and curl myself to death! Screw a Mehdi and a Rippetoe I'm here alright, Wanderlei I lurk once in a while, don't post much.
  4. Bench Press

    Bolly: if you do that in competition, you'll be disqualified. But yes, I've read something on muscle activation that when you lift your head off the bench during lifting, you'll be able to push more. My issue with the bench press thoug his: I can't activate my pecs. There is 0 pec work, it doesnt contract, it is never sore and it just doesn't do shit. If I bench wide, elbows out to the sides then my pecs are fried after 10x 60kg, but I can rep 90kg for 10 with a "so you think you can bench" way. Anyone got some advice ?
  5. Sharp Pain At Right Side Of Hip During Skwats

    On the right, if you look at me from the side - that's where. What do you mean by looking at trigger points ?
  6. Having this for a very long time now. My hips never hurt during BJJ or any other activity, but when I squat and it gets somewhat challenging, my hips gets warm but also start "hurting". It's a bearable pain, I have it during squats and I refer to it as a "rusty hip". Always on the right side. I feel the same sensation when foam rolling the hip. Anyone had this before and knows how to solve it ? I am pretty sure it's not good. I squat high bar, legs a little bit wider than shoulder width. When knees start to buckle I force them out.
  7. FUAAARRRRRRKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!! Got my Belgian passport!

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    2. steelcutoats


      so.... "FUAAARRRRRRKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK" means something good?

    3. klimmilksq


      yes Steelcutouts, "FUARK" is a positive word and not really related to the word "fuck" at all.

    4. Tuplad


      lol @ ghost & subdeacon, trolls :P

  8. Ex-Sl Members List

    That's sad!
  9. Bench Press

    Hammering the upper back is what helped me get 225lbs for reps
  10. Battling Sickness

    I work in a supplement store my friend, don't need no B&F
  11. Bench Press

    Quoted for truth!
  12. Battling Sickness

    I see. I asked about it, seems to be an 8 minute tanning bed thingy.
  13. Ex-Sl Members List

    I heard he called people freeloaders, anyone got that mail ?