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  1. Diet With Sl 5X5

    Took a month off, went from 230 to 212 just eating when I was hungry, fast food, home cooked meals, but with moderation. In the month I didn't watch my cals, I dropped to 212 (I was supplementing while bulking so I assumed a lot of this was water weight). April I started watching cals, 2000-2200 daily, macros were 40/30/30 c/p/f. In the six weeks I've been on stronglifts I've went from 212 to 198. These 2200 cals were net cals though, I usually ate what I lost in exercise. So on training days I ate around 28-3000. In 6 weeks I don't feel any stronger, just the same as when I started. I had a 300 1rm bp, now I struggle to get 285. My current bf is around 18%. I want to be at 10%, but weigh around 215-220.
  2. Diet With Sl 5X5

    Bulked last winter jan-mar. Loved all the food (generally clean) but hated the results. Didn't get much stronger. Took a month
  3. Diet With Sl 5X5

    First program to lift without supplementation. Usually creatine, nitric oxide. Seeing how strong I get before I have to deload. Madcow or Texas routine from there. Is 3000 a deficit? Here's today's macros. 2835 cals 130g fat 160g carbs 261g protein
  4. Diet With Sl 5X5

    Started sl 5x5 at 212lbs of bodyweight, around 2000 kcals per day. I'm 18 sessions in, 12lbs down, but i dont feel any leaner. Possible muscle loss? I had a 1RM bp of 300 before the program, I struggled to get 275 after my last workout. I've since decided to increase kcals, but keep it clean, as follows Breakfast 5am 3 eggs, 1 cup of mixed veggies, 1 whole orange Snack 8am 1 cup ff cottage cheese, 1 large apple Lunch 11am 1 skinless boneless chicken breast, 1 cup of romaine 1 tbsp olive oil Snack 1pm 1 serving mixed nuts Pre workout 3pm 1 can tuna, apple Workout 4pm sl 5x5 Post workout 6pm 8oz ground beef 93/7, quinoa, mixed veggies, banana Dinner 8pm chicken, spinach, carrots, pear Pre bed 10pm ff cottage cheese, berries, flaxseed I'm hoping this will rid me of feeling like i've weakened in the gym since starting sl, i gain fat easily and hate cardio, so i limit carbs. Any insight would be appreciated.